10 Tips of Above Ground pool maintenance for Winter

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Are you worrying about above ground pool maintenance for winter? Earlier swimming pool was set up on resort but with the passage of time people now set up swimming pool in front of their house. Though it is expensive but it gives amusement to people to relax in their pastime with family.To set a swimming pool is extravagant because after setting up a pool you have to heat and clean it for use in winter.

 Maintenance of above ground pools not scrupulous.  The swimming pool maintenance can be divided into two areas. Firstly, the chemical is used for water treatment. Secondly, maintenance in general. The above ground pool maintenance is little bit different but its intention are same. Its main goal is to clean the pool and having a fresh pool to enjoy.

Numerous people consider that pool maintenance is troublesome task but it is entirely wrong. How expensive would be your pool maintenance depend on your using equipment and your service what you are using. It would be expensive when you do it yourself. If you hire a pool maintenance company then it would be easy for you and cost will alleviate.

10 Tips of Above Ground pool maintenance for Winter

If you want to keep your above ground pool looking beat then you need to follow these steps;

1. Powder

A customary above ground pool requires a powder chlorine treatment in a week to sterilize or once a day to sterilize. These type of cleanse helps to raise the level of chlorine in the water so high that it kills bacteria and paralyzes organic object.

Tips of Above Ground pool maintenance for Winter

Pool should clean in week not in a day. Because if you clean the pool regular then you would be unable to realize how the choline tablet works. Most people like to clean the pool at the end of the weekends when all the family members done their bathing for the day. Cleaning is good in the evening when the  sun set down because the sun’s ultraviolet rays absorb the chlorine.

2. Filter System

Filter is the most vital part of a pool. Like liver of the human being. Filter helps the pool to remove impurities from water. Removing Silica and other small particles filter does this.Many people thinks that the water of the pool can be kept fresh by using Filter. But it is absolutely wrong.

To clean the water of the pool filter play 80% role. Chemicals kill bacteria and organic germs in the water which is very harmful for human body. When they die filter helps to remove them from water. without operating a filter system your pool would be polluted. So ,it is necessary to have a filter for a pool.

3. Algaecide

Algaecide helps to prevent algae from water. It is an organic object which is harmful but it doesn’t seen in a bare eye. It can be only seen in microscope. Algae is green in colour. Algaecide should be used in a weekly basis. 

There is no need of Algaecide if you maintain a high chlorine level.But most people use normal level of Algaecide. For this they should use Algaecide.

4. Vacuuming

If you want to vacuuming your pool then you need once a week or daily twice. If you connect the vacuum head with the pole of the pool it absorbs all kinds of dirt and small particles.

Tips of Above Ground pool maintenance

You can repeat this regular until the water of the pool is looking cloudy. Vacuuming is more effective than chlorine tablet. Vacuuming is a natural process. You don’t need any kind of chemical if you use vacuum. 

5. Skimmer

Skimmer play important role in above ground pool maintenance. But it is a difficult task. You need to use a skimmer to take out punk.Skimming and keeping your pool filter in checking are important thing for pool maintenance.

 But you have to remember one thing that if the skimmer’s pump would block then you will be unable to clean the pool.  Too much rubbish will block water supply.

6. Cleaning

If you have proper equipment then your pool cleaning will be easier. Among all modern equipment you need to have some old fashioned elbow grease. They are-

  • Net skimmer
  • Pool Brush
  • Pool Vacuum.

Cleaning the pool is the most important thing. Otherwise, debris, leaves, shampoos , perfumes will contaminate water of the pool. So you should skim, brush or vacuum your pool in a week for safe swimming.

7. Pumping

The pump is the most vital parts of pool cleaning. It circulates the water to filter and chemical feeding system. Through pumping every drop of water in the pool will filter within 8 hours. You should pump regular 8-12 hour at a day.

8. Circulation

In a circulation system water is marked from the pool through skimmers and drains by a centrifugal pump. The water passes through a basket in the skimmer and in front of the pump to remove large debris before it gets to the pump’s impeller.

Tips of Above Ground pool maintenance for Winter

One of the best ways to immediately improve your swimming pools circulation is to clean your filter and remove any debris  from the skimmer basket. By doing this your pump will be allowed to push more water through your hoses and out the pools return boosting the water circulation.

9. Water Balance

In a balanced swimming pool should have five components ( total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, Stabilizer, and total dissolved solids) within their proper level. These components act together to help the sanitizer work more effectively.

10. Salt Water System

Salt water system has many advantages like they have lower chlorine levels, salt water pools are much gentler on the eyes and skin. Salt water systems may be safer than chlorine pool, that force owners to store and handle unsafe chemicals. Salt water still use to kill bacteria in the pool water. 


Setting a swimming pool is one of the most pleasing ways to enjoy sunbath with family but it needs regular care but it doesn’t mean you will spend your whole life to maintain above ground pool. To have an easy way of above ground pool maintenance you should overlook on this thesis.

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