Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Vacuum Review

Aquabot X4 robotic pool vacuum Comes with the awarded best value robot. So, it is a well-known best in-ground pool cleaner to the pool lovers. However, it confirms quality equipment on a budget. It is visible to us in a small size but capable of circulating 85 GPM and filter out any debris larger than 2 microns.

The mobility is the main secret of popularity. The caddy helps to transport it anywhere and the anti-tangle swivel lets it travel to 360°. So, these make it compatible with any pool surface, shapes or size. No hose required only cables so no chance of tangling with it.

Before going straight to the full discussion on this, let us tell you some of the main features of it, in short

  • It comes with the 360° Anti-Tangle Swivel so it has great mobility
  • Able to clean and explore any kinds of the pool, no matters, inground or above ground pool
  • It has 4WD traction that allows extreme gripping while climbing walls
  • 85GPM powerful pump circulates water in great speed at the same time eliminates the chemicals
  • AutoX pool mapping track the surface in a better way and efficiently travel across the pool surface

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FAQ about Aquabot X4 robotic pool vacuum

Q. Does it work on the tile?

It is a perfect cleaner to clean any surface including tile. No matter what is the type of your floor, as it has a specialized kit so it can explore even the hardest surface on tile fiberglass.

Q. How does it operate the filtration process?

Well, it comes with the 2 ultra-fine mesh filtration baskets that gather like 190 cubic inches of dirt and debris. Easy to collect and easy to clean all sorts of the pool, finally, you can lift off the cleaner for rinsing and replacing purpose.

Q. How it benefits me without the hose connection?

It perfectly performs better excluding the hose and including the power cable which is 60 feet long. Instead of a hose, it minimizes the chances of hose tangling, which is a common phenomenon with every regular pool cleaner.

What users are saying about Aquabot X4 robotic pool vacuum

The user’s reaction in one word is “mindblowing” Just because of the best pool vacuum cleaner within affordable prices. No flimsy materials or no poor quality equipment ever found by them. Overall, it is a perfect pool cleaner for them who want their cleaner to travel on every surface like all types of pool, no matters how big or small.

Compare Aquabot X4 robotic pool vacuum vs Aquabot ABTURT2R1 Turbo T2 Plus

Aquabot X4 comes with more power and ability to suck up debris from all kinds of the pool, no matter, it is in-ground or the above ground pool. On the other hand, Aquabot ABTURT2R1 Turbo T2 Plus is quite minimalistic to the above ground. And thus, it performs only better in the in-ground pool. But when we dig deep we find one thing that takes favor on the side of Aquabot ABTURT2R1 Turbo T2 Plus. It eliminates the chemical while circulating and it has the ability to collect debris measure 2 microns, whereas, Aquabot X4 fails to do so. Except for this, there is no feature of Aquabot ABTURT2R1 Turbo T2 Plus that stands against the Aquabot X4 for sure.

Key Features of Aquabot X4 robotic pool vacuum

360 Tangle-less Swivel

When it comes to looking for any robotic pool cleaner the first con comes to us whether the hose gets tangled and not. Some of us are the Nerdist pool enthusiast and so they never want to have such one. So if you are one of them then Aquabot X4 would be the right choice for you because it comes with the anti-tangle swivel. Besides, it doesn’t have any suction hoses rather it comes with the 60 foot floating cables that are attached to the swivel.

Small but efficient cleaner

When we start researching on that small pool cleaner, we surprise how efficiently it operates and bring the toughest debris from the ground. For that, it has rotating micro brushes that smartly scrub pollen, leaves, debris even algae and bacteria as well. The main attention of it, it works even in the waterline. You just need to drop it to the floor and it will start operating using the X4 cycles that work with 85gpm of water from the microfilters. As a result, you are going to have any debris that is bigger than 2 microns.

Complete cleaning coverage for any pool

When you come to know a pool cleaner that can clean any kind of pool regardless of inground and above ground that means it has charming equipment inside. The small size of it lets it allow to go anywhere even the hard to reach the corner. Surprisingly, it is tested out to reach the drain (Artificially created) and it has been seen it can collect the debris from there. Besides, the 4WD traction mode team up with the micro brushing system that makes sure to cover the maximum pool surface. By the way, this traction mode delivers extreme grip to the wheels so it never feels tedious to climb up walls.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

Normally, it is hard to explain the performance of a product. But when it comes to the best suction pool cleaner, which already achieved the award, then there is nothing left to hide, especially the pros. Even we overlook the best features that deliver the performance, we can not overlook the affordable price of it. The manufacturer deserves to praise as they demand a low price for it. Among many charming features, the extreme grip of it is the amazing one.

The four-wheel comes with the traction mode with the non-marring motion so there is no chance for slipping outside the wall while climbing. Also, due to this feature, it can easily travel to any hard to reach place under the pool. So when you will drop it down to the pool, you just keep calm and relax. Many of us, is avoid the hose for the tangling and hard to operate, but with this cleaner, you can completely avoid it, as it comes with the cable only. The sixty feet power cable attach to the motor and that is really immersive to apply power.

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Final Verdict

Whenever you are in search of the best robotic pool vacuum, you are most probably looking for the quality on a budget. Aquabot X4 robotic pool vacuum can offer you with the exact option. The main surprising feature of it is its size but when you will see the performance, you will praise it for sure. The caddy cleaner has already received the award so no big words require to add from us. Now, you come to know all the features elaborately so make your move.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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