10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers

Are you interested in acquiring the best above ground pool covers? Look no further than this article. We have outlined some of the best pool covers to make your quest an easy one.

Outdoor activities bring us closer to nature while providing us with the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. Different outdoor activities exist; while some people prefer to enjoy a game tennis or other sporting activities, another group enjoy the peace of watering plants and flowers while others enjoy the serenity of the swimming pool.

The pool offers a couple of excellent advantages: one can exercise, cool off or simply enjoy the company of friends. Despite the utopic picture painted of the pool, it is not all plain sailing as a lot of effort must be put in place to ensure that your pool is always in the best condition. One major point to consider in your bid to keep your pool at the ready is protection of the pool against external influences.

The nature of above ground pools mean they are always exposed to the vagaries of the weather. Excessive heat from the sun, storms, strong wind storms etc are adverse weather conditions that can have a negative impact on your swimming pool.

To keep these adverse weather conditions in check, one is well advised to invest in above-ground swimming pool covers, all you have to do is remove the covering whenever you need to use the pool. They help you keep pollutants away and maintain a neat and entrancing pool. You will find some of the best above-ground swimming pool below.

List of Best Above Ground Pool Covers

#1. Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools, 18-ft, Blue

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The #1 rated above ground pool cover is the solar blanket which ensures reduced chemical and water evaporation from your pool. It is designed in an opaque blue color with the paramount aim of optimizing heat retention which it goes on to achieve by allowing the maximum amount of sunlight into the pool. The technology in the solar blanket ensures your pool is at least up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summary of the benefits;

  • It avoids up to 95% of chemical and pool water evaporation.
  • The UV-polymer built into the design protects against damages caused by chemical and UV radiation.
  • The Built-in insulating thermal cells can hold heat on cold days.
  • The brand offers a 3-years warranty with the product.

#2. Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave Gold 15-Year 33-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

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This above ground pool cover is made of premium quality materials by the Blue Wave brand. It is rated among the top protective covers because it is made from the strongest tear-resistant material on the market. Its structure is made of woven polyethylene which is durable and offers protection from UV rays. Blue Wave’s above ground pool cover fully protects your swimming pool from the effects of the sun, wind, snow and ice. The black color on the underside is to discourage algae growth while a heat-seal seam is included in the package to ensure that your pool retains a clear appearance.

Summary of the benefits;

  • This cover comes with a 4-feet overlap to avoid stretching or ripping.
  • Blue wave offers buyers a 15 years warranty on this product
  • An UV stabilized woven polyethylene is built into the structure to ensure protection from the sun, wind or snow.
  • The colours are classy.

#3. Round Easy Set Pool Cover

INTEX 28023E Pool Cover: For 15ft Round Easy Set Pools – Includes Rope Tie – Drain Holes –...

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This pool cover is made in a beautiful round shape and is quite easy to use. It is designed for pools that measures 15 inches in diameter and will fit snugly over the edge of the pool when used. Drain holes are incorporated into the design to ensure that water is not accumulated. This intex pool cover is strong and durable because it is made of polyethylene fabric. It also contains the long-lasting Gauge vinyl and the pack comes with rope ties. When this cover is placed over your pool, it gives your swimming pool full protection from the vagaries of weather.

Summary of benefits;

  • The package includes drain holes to avoid accumulation of water.
  • It is made of durable 7 gauge Vinyl and includes rope lines
  • It is very simple to use
  • It is designed in a beautiful circular style

#4. Round Pool Winter Cover

In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools

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This Round pool Winter Cover is considered the best above-ground pool cover to come from the brand.  It is seen as the best because it is able to maintain the good condition of your swimming pool in every weather. It is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with dense polyethylene stitching. The material used in the production ensures excellent tensile strength and longevity. Beyond its other astonishing characteristics, this pool cover also offers protection from UV rays which means it can help improve the life span of your pool. The Round Pool Winter Cover is 27 feet wide and comes in blue colour. The package contains a steel cable and a winch.

Summary of benefits;

  • The package contains a steel cable and a winch.
  • It is produced using laminated polyethylene that offer protection from UV rays.
  • It keeps your pool in good condition during the summer and winter month.
  • The high density polyethylene stitching ensures that the pool cover is strong and durable.

#5. Forest Green Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate 3724-4-PM Winter Pool Cover, Extra Heavy-Duty Green, 24 ft Above Ground Pools

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The Forest Green Winter Pool Cover is made of high quality polyethylene material. One of its standout qualities is the prevention of algae growth. The package includes a 4-feet overlap to make installation easier, grommets, cable and winch. Every seam on this cover is heat-sealed to encourage the best performance.

The forest green winter pool cover defends your pool from severe winter conditions and also keeps debris and dirt from entering your pool. Pool owners who use this pool cover and seal their pool with the right winterizing chemicals will find that their pool is clean when spring comes knocking. This means their pool will be easy to open too. This pool cover made by the brand, Pool Mate, keeps your pool safe from adverse winter conditions.

The grommets included in the package are placed every 4’ and should be used with the cable and winch. Pool Mate, who are the makers of this magnificent cover can guarantee its long lasting nature.

Summary of benefits:

  • The package includes a 4-feet overlap to ensure a simple installation process.
  • Pool Mate offers buyers 12 years warranty
  • It is lightweight and possess heat-sealed seams to improve durability.

#6. Above Ground Swimming Pool Leaf Net Top Cover

Polarshield 18 Foot Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Leaf Net Top Cover CO918

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This is one of the best pool covers you will ever come across. It is designed for 18-foot circular pools and made out of very tough and complex material. It is designed in a manner that means it can be conveniently spread over your pool while making it easier to remove debris from the pool. You can combine this with solar covers for an excellent result. The package contains a 3-feet part cover, a wire and a ratchet. The ratchet’s job is to hold the 3-feet cover in place over your visible frost pool cover. With this cover, your pool is safe from dry autumn leaves.

The most useful aspect of this pool cover is the leaf mesh grasps. It gets a hold of the tiniest leaves and stops them from getting into your winter cover. Another factor that sets this cover apart is the ease with which it can be installed.

Summary of benefits;

  • It is mooted to last long because it is made out of a tough wicker material
  • It is compatible with solar covers
  • Installation does not take time, it can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • The package includes an extra 3-feet of overlap, a cable and a ratchet.

#7. Super Winter Pool Cover

Robelle 3524-4 Pool Cover for Winter, Super, 24 ft Above Ground Pools

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Robelle is a brand renowned for its offerings in the pool cover market. Every Robelle winter pool cover is made using durable polyethylene material. The top of every pool cover is treated to mitigate the effects of UV rays while the underside is black to disallow the growth of algae.

The Super Winter Pool cover is one of the best above-ground pool covers produced by Robelle. It comes with an all-weather cable and a heavy duty winch to secure the cover with the reinforced grommets. The winch should always be used with the grommets which is placed every four feet on the cover.

A high quality 8×8 scrim is also included in the package. With the Robelle Winter Pool Cover protecting your swimming pool, you wouldn’t have to worry about the negative impact of the weather on your pool.

Summary of benefits;

  • The top part is treated to mitigate the adverse effects of UV rays.
  • The design incorporates a winch and cable.
  • Robelle offers you a ten-year warranty on the product.
  • The use of a sturdy polyethylene material ensures durability.

#8. Deluxe Winter Cover

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover for 16-Foot-by-24-Foot Or 16-Foot-by-25-Foot Oval above-Ground...

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The Deluxe Winter Cover produced by Buffalo Blizzard is the older version of the Deluxe Plus Winter Cover. It comes with 3 feet of overlap making it a full 19’ x 28’ oval cover for your pool. The extra bit of overlap means it can provide full protection even at lower water levels while also allowing for easy and safe installation. Installation is easily achieved by securing the cover over the swimming pool using grommets placed strategically at an interval of 3 inches. Users will also be allowed the use of an air pillow and the swimming pool top rails.

Because the Deluxe winter cover has been expressly created to protect your pool from rain, snow and wind, you can easily drain any water collected on it. The material is made of double-stitched and triple-thick hems using UV-resistant nylon thread to ensure complete protection of your swimming pool. The UV-resistant nylon threads are very effective in protecting the pool from the heat of the sun. For ease of installation, get a friend or a family member to help.

Summary of benefits;

  • The UV-resistant nylon threads helps to keep negative sun effects at bay.
  • The cover is lightweight and possesses 8×8 scrim per square inch
  • Installation is relatively easy
  • It comes with a vinyl-coated cable and winch

#9. Blue 14feet round Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Blue 14-Foot Round Solar Cover | 1200 Series Style | Heat Retaining Blanket for In-Ground...

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This Solar Cover is the best among the rest when it comes to pool covers produced by the brand Sun2Solar. Its blue design is elegant and mirrors the color of the water. It is produced from a film of thousands of small bubbles that work in tandem to produce and retain heat during nighttime and the cold winter season. Its ability to retain heat means you can always enjoy a warm pool without the slightest fear of cold. The water in your pool will not fall prey to the sun as this cover keeps up to 95% of the water in your pool from evaporating. There is little difficulty in its set up and you will do well to put it in place after using the pool.

Summary of the benefits;

  • The Blue round solar cover ensures that the temperature of your pool does not drop astronomically.
  • It helps keep evaporation in check
  • It keeps your pool warm even in cold weather
  • It is perfect for cold weather seasons.

#10. Deluxe Plus Winter Cover

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Cover for 24' Foot Round above-Ground Swimming Pools |...

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Buffalo Blizzard has created a quality cover that will ensure your pool is protected from the cold common in the winter seasons. It shields your pool from rain, debris and other forms of dirt. With the Deluxe Plus Winter Cover, you will not have to spend much money preparing your pool for use when the winter season is over. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and options that are more in tune with your budget.

In order to maintain optimum cover even in lower water levels, an excess overlap material accompanies the Deluxe Plus Winter Cover while you are allowed the use of an air pillow and the top rails of the swimming pool.

With this cover, your pool is insulated from rain, snow and other adverse effects of the winter weather. You are advised to remove all water from the top part of the cover throughout the off-season to improve longevity, the water removal can be achieved with the aid of a cover pump or siphon.

Summary of the benefits;

  • This cover completely shields your swimming pool against the adverse effects of rain, strong wind and snow
  • It offers excess material to help protect your pool at a lower water level
  • Your pool will be safe from every adverse weather condition and falling debris.

Buying Guide for the Best Above-Ground Swimming Pool Covers

Every owner of an above-ground swimming pool owns or should own an above-ground pool cover. Some people in a bid to save cost attempt to protect their pools using traps and other inadequate materials, these attempts at cost saving often end in regrets as all manner of debris end of nestling in your pool. For anyone who desires comprehensive protection for their pool, the acquisition of a good and fitting pool cover is not negotiable.

With a high-quality pool cover, you will get full protection for your pool against the dirt, rain, wind and other kinds of undesirable things struggling to get in and corrupt your clean pool. Even during winter times, some of the best pool covers can act as a shield for your pool, effectively shielding it throughout the winter season.  It also keeps pets and kids away from the pool when you are not there to supervise them. This buyer guide below will show you how to pick the best cover for your pool.

Size and Shape

The first thing to check when you are out to get a cover for your pool is the size. It won’t do to run out and purchase something that will fail to completely cover your pool. Another thing is the shape; would you purchase around cover for a square pool? In the same vein, a concise cover or one that leaves a gap will not serve your purpose perfectly. Size and shape are paramount. Ensure you get a cover that is large enough to reach the edges of your pool, one that offers you some overlap so that it can be fastened and secured effectively. To ascertain the size of your pool, check the box or corresponding website listings.

Note that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to pool covers, every pool has different dimensions as do the covers. Ensure you find a cover that agrees with the size of your pool. While we advise that you find a cover large enough to cover your pool you must ensure that you do not purchase one that is large in the extreme.

Strength to Stay On

The pool cover you choose should be one that can stay tight and immovable. This becomes even more important when you are considering getting a solid or mesh cover because these two imply that you are shutting your pool down for the winter and you need something that will stay on.  Choose a cover strong enough to withstand the strong storms, wind and snowfall. A ripped cover will deposit everything collected on the top of the cover directly into the pool.

Time to put on and take off

If you get a pool cover with a difficult installation process, chances are, you will box it up soon enough and stuff it somewhere out of sight. The best pool cover for you is the lightweight ones, those covers you can easily install and take off in a matter of minutes without hassle.


The material that goes into the production of a particular pool cover determines the life-span of the cover. Every pool cover made of premium quality material is sure to stand the test of time and offer an estimation of the amount of heat it can absorb or reflect.


Most people won’t compromise longevity for anything else. Dense covers are produced with superior materials, this becomes more pertinent if the cover is equipped with UV protection. Of course, such qualities cost more money and could be heavier and more tasking to install. The cheaper pool covers can protect your pool for a single season while the denser, costlier ones, may last for many seasons depending on how careful you are with installing and uninstalling them.

Inclusion of those essential extra qualities

You aren’t just getting a large sheet of polyethylene or Vinyl, you need other things too. Things like the cable, winch and fitting will help you secure your cover over your pool. These little extra things are essential because, without them, you cannot successfully lock your cover down and your pool cover needs to be locked in place to protect your pool from adverse weather conditions. If you are looking to acquire a solid winter cover for your pool, you should pay attention to the eyelets, they should be tough to ensure they don’t rip in a storm. You may consider purchasing a pool pillow to help your cover rest on the surface of the water.


If you plan on using the above-ground pool cover throughout the year, you should consider getting a cover that will stand the test of time. This applies even more to people who experience some form of extreme weather condition in any given year. Consider your pool usage, are you going to lock is down and leave it unused for part of the year or do you intend to use it at some point during the season? These should inform your choice of a pool cover.


Price shouldn’t be a major consideration when pool covers are being discussed. However, there are considerable differences in prices that can impact your decision. Your budget will definitely make a difference in what you purchase at the end of the day but it is important to note that you may have to spend more for a quality pool cover. It will be useful to decide beforehand whether you want a mesh or a solid cover for your pool.

Hidden covers will cost you more. You may consider a cover that supports some weight or one with a pump that removes the water collected on your cover, all these add to the cost and you have to consider them carefully before making your choice.  Basic covers are often cheap, the more premium ones aren’t so cheap. Some covers can help you save money, consider what you can save from heating your pool if you succeed in getting a cover that retains heat.

Benefits of Above-Ground Pool covers.

  • They are Efficient: if you keep your pool free of debris and dirt, you won’t have to change the water all the time. You can achieve this with an above-ground pool cover.
  • Ease of use: these covers are often secured over your pool with ease because they arrive with overlaps and fasteners.
  • Durability: when you get a quality cover, especially one amongst the ten reviewed above, it means you have something to last you for several seasons.


Those who want to maintain the clean nature of their pools go for the best above-ground swimming pool covers. While it is not always easy to determine the best covers in the market, a little research will ensure you pick the best covers available. We’ve done most of the work, all you have to do is go ahead and get one of the covers reviewed above and enjoy the benefits.


My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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