8 Best Hayward Pool Cleaner Reviews 2022

There are a lot of pool cleaners out there, but we chose to do a Hayward pool cleaner review because of some reasons. Some of them are low power consumption, low maintenance, durability, and, obviously, excellent suction power.

These Hayward pool cleaners are even capable of cleaning your pool in record time without missing any part. So, we couldn’t find any reason not to consider them as proper cleaning is all that matters.

8 Best Hayward pool cleaner reviews 2022

Finding the best pool vacuum is not an easy job because there are different types of devices suitable for different situations. Here, we have listed a combination of different Hayward pool cleaners so that no one leaves empty-handed.

1. Hayward W32025ADC PoolVac XL Pool Vacuum

Hayward Pool Vac XL will give you the maximum vacuum power with its AquaPilot technology. It is a pool vacuum that you can use for your large pool, which measures 40 feet in length and 20 feet in width.

Hayward W32025ADC PoolVac XL Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Gunite Pools up to 20 x 40 ft. with...
Hayward W32025ADC PoolVac XL Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Gunite Pools up to 20 x 40 ft. with...
Wide vacuum inlet and unique wing design deliver constant suction power; No debris bags to empty reduces the need for frequent maintenance

One thing you have to understand is that the vacuum power depends on a few factors. And, the width of the vacuum inlet is one of them. As this model comes with a full vacuum inlet, you will have a powerful suction so that you can get clean pool water.

On the other hand, cleaning time and the requirement of being present beside the pool are two concerns. The programming of this cleaner will make it work on its own and do it quickly. By the way, this one is not that great for cleaning the sidewalls, and you might want to consider one of the best suction side pool cleaners.

Key Features

  • To ensure full coverage of pool floors, walls, and cloves, this pool vacuum features patented AquaPilot technology.
  • It has a wide vacuum inlet, which increases the suction power reducing the time to clean large pools.
  • The cleaner has a 40-foot long hose for more area coverage, and the full setup takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Its unique wing design gives it enhanced maneuvering capability so that no obstacle can stop the cleaning process.
  • This cleaner is free from debris bags, which helps you spend less time with the cleaner’s maintenance.

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2. Hayward 896584000-020 Pool Cleaner

Among many other Hayward pool vacuum cleaners, we chose this one for the average-sized pool owners. The vacuum has a 4-wheel drive capability so that is can maneuver any obstacle easily.

Moreover, this cleaner comes with 3 different shapes of throats that will ensure something. It is about the capability of working with variable speed pumps, which will provide maximum cleaning within the expected time limit.

The automatic steering will keep the device scouting the pool surface end-to-end. The hose size is a bit smaller than the other models on the list, but we have already told you that you should expect it for your medium-sized pool.

Key Features

  • To overcome obstacles, this cleaner comes with 4-wheel drive and patented tire thread.
  • It comes with interchangeable throats so that you can work with variable speed pumps and collect different types of debris.
  • Its automatic steering system makes it turns every 8’ or10’ covering a large area without assistance.
  • For collecting debris of all sizes and ensuring maximum power at any flow, it has self-adjusting turbine vanes.
  • The cleaner comes with a 33’ hose that can cover a pool with a length of 32’ and a width of 16’.

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3. Hayward RC9990CUB Tiger Shark Pool Vacuum

Many busy pool owners love robotic cleaners because it will work on its own until the pool is spotless. Also, the job will seem like someone supervised the whole process where no one needs to be present on the spot.

Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
The Tiger Shark QC offers a fast 90-minute Quick Clean cycle; No extra hoses, hookups or pumps required

So, we listed this Hayward robotic pool cleaner that will do the job very effectively saves you a lot of time and effort. But you have to keep one thing in mind that the suction power of this type of vacuum is not that much.

Now, you have to look at your pool and see if the debris needs a lot of vacuum power or not. Finally, choose the right vacuum from our list according to your requirements. If you have a small pool, you will be able to clean it within an hour using this robotic vac.

Key Features

  • With two different speeds and practical design, this robotic pool vacuum can clean your pool within 90 minutes.
  • Hayward tiger shark cleaner is very easy to use because it won’t need to connect and work with the pool’s filtration system.
  • You can get an additional caddy to keep the cleaner organized along with long hose pipe and carry around.
  • The maintenance of the cleaner is effortless because of its easy-to-clean cartridge, which also takes less time to remove and reinstall.
  • It can clean granite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble, or tile pool without your assistance so that you get clean pool water without spending much time.

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4. Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for the best above ground pool cleaner, look no more because getting the Hayward aqua critter is the vac you are searching for. The minimalistic and practical design of the device will surely attract you.

It not only looks good but also works like a champion so that you get a clean pool without much effort. The credit for complete cleaning of the pool surface goes to the preprogrammed steering.

Some buyers complained that the vacuum doesn’t move and clean, as the manufacturer told. The thing is that they didn’t use a pump, which makes the device move and clean very efficiently. Even attaching any pump to it won’t do the trick, and you will have to buy a pump with the specs of 3000 GPM. Setting up the whole thing won’t take you longer than 20 minutes, and you will be ready to go.

Key Features

  • This is for cleaning above ground pools without much effort because it has a unique gearing system.
  • The design of the head is tested and improved so that it can clean most parts of the pool in minimal time.
  • No matter what the pool surface is, this cleaner can clean it effectively with a 10-minute preparation.
  • The SmartDrive steering will that it reaches all the spots, and its deluxe bumper ring ensures that it doesn’t get stuck hitting a wall.
  • The Hayward Aquabug cleaner uses your existing filtration system, making it trouble-free and almost no maintenance time.

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5. Hayward RC9742CUBY SharkVac Caddy Cart Robotic Pool Cleaner

Did you know that this Hayward automatic pool cleaner uses DC motor? You must be thinking, what difference will the DC motor make, right? The main advantage of having a vac with DC motor is that it will consume less power.

As a result, the cost of running a vacuum will decrease significantly, where only 5 cents per hour will be a reality in this case. Moreover, this vacuum will require less effort in maintenance as it works with its filtration system.

On the other hand, this is a cleaner for large pools, and the device is heavy due to its size and versatile functionalities. So, the package includes a caddy, and you won’t have any problem carrying it around.

Key Features

  • Hayward sharkvac robotic pool cleaner comes with a caddy so that you have no problem carrying it to the poolside.
  • For quick and effective cleaning and covering a large surface, it has smart steering technology.
  • As it does not need to use the pool’s filtration system, you will not be required to do more backwash cycles.
  • Within the price, this comes as a complete package, and that is why you won’t need an extra hose, hookups, or pumps.
  • For wall cleaning, the sensors can detect climbing and provide more power so that it can go to the top.

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6. Hayward RC9950GR Tiger Shark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward pool robot cleaners are top-rated among pool owners and professional pool cleaning services. For example, this Tiger Shark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner can clean your pool within 3 hours, and the whole process won’t take more than 4 hours, including set up and device clean up.

Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
Perfect for residential pools up to 20' x 40'; Standard 3-hour complete cleaning cycle for full floor, walls, coves and waterline

Moreover, you can do other things after starting this device because it has advanced maneuver technology along with a preprogrammed steering mechanism. As a result, your average-sized pool will have a clean surface and better water quality once the job is done.

This automatic pool vacuum will also be able to clean large pools if you can arrange hose pipes with more length. Inside the device, it runs with a 24-volt motor, which leads to low power consumption and decreases the operating cost.

Key Features

  • The Tiger Shark is a capable cleaner that can clean a pool that is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide.
  • Where some other pool cleaners take 6 hours to clean an average-sized pool, this one can do it within 3 hours.
  • It ensures less power consumption with its 24-volt motor, which leads to a low running cost per hour.
  • The vacuum is not on the outside but comes with the device, which creates enough power to collect dirt very effectively.
  • Removing the filter cartridge is very easy, and you can clean it outside quickly, making it a low-maintenance cleaner.

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7. Hayward W3PHS21CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum

This one is our most favorite Hayward pool sweep because of its minimalistic design and stylish design. Instead of going for Hayward Pool VAC Ultra, we recommend you to consider this one.

Hayward W3PHS21CST AquaNaut 200 Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools up to 16 x 32 ft....
Hayward W3PHS21CST AquaNaut 200 Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools up to 16 x 32 ft....
Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences ensure end-to-end coverage, including walls; Patented adjustable roller skirt never loses suction on uneven surfaces

This vacuum cleaner is so powerful that it can maneuver any obstacle with its patented tire thread. Also, it can clean a significant portion of your pool wall if it is made curved.

The steering pattern is programmed very carefully to cover a large surface without leaving any spot. Moreover, it ensures that there is no dirt left behind due to an uneven surface. So, you can rely on this device to ensure the cleanliness of your pool water.

Key Features

  • For end-to-end coverage, as well as cleaning the walls, it has multiple pre-programmed steering sequences.
  • The tire threads are patented and ensures maximum grip so that it can climb and get enough power to maneuver an obstacle easily.
  • Hayward aquanaut 200 also has a patented roller skirt, which ensures that it does not lose the dirt of uneven surfaces.
  • You can use variable speed pumps with this one as it is optimized for maximum flow performance.
  • The hose length will allow you to clean in-ground pools with a maximum width of 16 feet and a length of 32 feet.

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8. Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum

Hayward Navigator Pro is one of the best suction pool cleaners that you will ever find. This is the last item on our list, and we have listed a great product that made its reputation with great performance and features.

Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
Maximum pool size-925ADC-up to 20' x 40'|Maximum pool size-925ADV-up to 20' x 40'

There are a lot of benefits of owning this amazing cleaner, and one of them is no requirement for an additional booster pump. So, it can clean with the existing filtration system, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance.

In reality, making a lot of annoying sounds while cleaning is a common thing among many pool cleaners. But you won’t find a pulsating hose or any noisy part in this device, making the time of cleaning peaceful.

Key Features

  • With this pool cleaner, you won’t need a booster pump because it can with the existing filtration system.
  • The cleaner comes with a preprogrammed steering pattern that is called SmartDrive so that you get complete coverage.
  • Its intelligent design and programming make sure that it moves in a way without entangling the hose pipe.
  • The vacuum wings on both sides and improved skirt design ensures efficient waste pickup and constant suction power.
  • Large pools with a length and width of 40 feet and 20 feet can be cleaned effectively with the Navigator Pro.

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Why should you Buy Hayward pool cleaner?

The demand and competition of automatic and manual pool cleaners are very high. But Hayward is leading the market with its over 80 years of experience and reputation. So, let’s see why you should choose a Hayward pool cleaner instead of its competitors in short.

  • From the Hayward pool cleaner reviews, you already know that all of these are automatic cleaners that will let you do other important tasks, and the pool will be cleaned automatically.
  • The suction power is another crucial factor that varies for different vacuum types and situations. The Hayward cleaners listed here come with a powerful suction capability and ensures vacuuming the uneven surfaces.
  • Moreover, the wheels of these robotic cleaners come with unique and patented tire thread. As a result, maneuvering obstacles will not be an issue, and you will get a complete cleaning without any excuse.
  • Most of the models here are capable of cleaning large pools, and a few of them are suitable for medium-sized pools. So, choose accordingly as they are the best for what they are advertised.
  • Lastly, you will get such a cleaner going for the Hayward ones that will decrease the cost of running these vacuums for hours.

Final Recommendation

After considering all of the Hayward pool cleaner reviews, we think Hayward RC9950GR Tiger Shark will be your best bet. You have already read our review and now see some action videos of the cleaner. Altogether, you will realize the reasons for recommending this one over the others.

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