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Bestway or Intex Pool – Which One Is Best and Why?

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Buying a Bestway or Intex pool is a major decision because these are the biggest brands in the industry offering best quality above ground pools. You want to get the best value for your money by purchasing a high-quality pool at the price that won’t hurt your budget too. Above ground, pools make a great option for those who want to experience all the benefits of a swimming pool but are not ready to spend money on an in-ground pool.

Bestway or Intex Pool – Which Is The Best?

Intex Easy Set Above Ground Pools

The above ground pools of Intex Set Pools are made of high-quality and durable laminated PVC sidewalls. Intex pools are with Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump for proper water circulation to make the water clean, clear, and refreshing. They also come with a pool ladder, a ground cloth, and debris cover.

Bestway or Intex Pool - Which Is The Best?

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Intex Easy Set Pools come in the following sizes: 18-feet x 48-inch; 15-feet x 48-inch;  15-feet x 42-inch;   15-feet x 33-inch; 13-feet x 33-inch; 12-feet x 30-inch; and 8-feet x 30-inch. Here are the best features of Intex Easy Set Pools:

Intex Easy Set Pools have a Ground Fault Interrupter that automatically shuts the pump off whenever exposed to the water.

You can easily install and fill in Intex pools with water in less than 30 minutes.

Intex Easy Set Pools can hold up to 5,455 gallons of water or more 80% more than the water capacity of a small size in-ground swimming pool.

You can easily access the pool with a ladder.

Intex Easy Set Pools comes with a debris cover and ground cloth to keep the pool off any debris.

Intex Easy Set Pools are equipped with new dual suction outlet fittings to improve water circulation.

Intex Metal Frame Pools

Intex Metal Frame Pools feature one of the strongest laminated PVC sidewalls and steel frames, capable of holding up to 6,423 gallons of water. Intex Metal Frame Pools have new dual suction outlet fittings which improve water circulation and makes the water clear and clean.

Intex Metal Frame Pools come in the following sizes: 18-feet x 48-inch;  15-feet x 42-inch; 15-feet x 48-inch; 14-feet x 42-inch; 14-feet x 42-inch;  12-feet x 30-inch; and 10-feet x 30-inch. Here are the best features of Intex Metal Frame Pools:

Bestway or Intex Pool - Which Is The Best?

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Intex Metal Frame Pools have Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pumps that improve the clarity and cleanliness of the water.

The steel frames are durable that can occupy numerous swimmers.

Intex Metal Frame Pools also have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter,s that instantly shuts the pump off when electric wires are exposed to water.

Intex Metal Frame Pools can be installed within an hour or less.

Intex Metal Frame Pools come with a ladder, a debris cover, and a ground cloth, as well as dual suction outlet fittings for water hygiene.

Intex Easy Set Pools and Intex Metal Frame Pools can accommodate a large population, around 15 to 20 people. The ground cloth and debris cover are washable. You can easily clean the pool pump. Intex pools come with convenient drain plugs and with DVD to show proper installation and maintenance.

Bestway Above Ground Pools

Bestway Above Ground Pools are easy to assemble. The hardest part was lining up the holes in order to get the plastic pins in. The pool measures 48 inches high, so if you’re on the shorter side, you might find it hard to have a downward view on the top ring, that you need to line up the holes.

Bestway Above Ground Pool can surely satisfy your requirements, which includes the Fast Set, the Steel Pro, and the Hydrium. Each type of Bestway pool has its own advantages and unique features so you find the best pool for you.

Bestway Steel Pro Max Pools

Bestway Steel Pro Max Pools, specifically the 15ft pool, are durable and strong steel-walled above ground pools, which are great for keeping your family members and friends active. It includes an 800-gallon filter pump to help remove pool debris and a ladder so you can get in and out of the water safely and easily. Like Intex polls, Bestway Steel Pro Max Pools have protective ground cloth and a pool cover to keep out rain and dirt.

Bestway or Intex Pool - Which Is The Best?

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Bestway pools are made with Tri-Tec construction, featuring a 3-ply reinforced layering system and a polyester mesh core that’s encased in two heavy gauge PVC layers for utmost durability and strength. Bestway pools were built to withstand a large water volume weight, chlorine, and harsh ultraviolet rays. Also, it comes with an included assembly and maintenance DVD which includes useful tips to ensure the proper setup and use.

Bestway vs Intex Pool

When choosing between Bestway vs Intex pool, it boils down to your needs and preferences. Both brands use high-quality make and construction. For the specifics, Bestway pools are able to provide detailed information about the best durability features on their listing, but of course, using the pools make a huge difference.

Bestway or Intex Pool – Which One Is Best and Why?

When it comes to the assembly, both are easy to set up. While the assembly is more likely the same when it comes to installation duration, Intex provides better instructions than Bestway. You might overlook putting the rubber pieces on the pegs of your Bestway pool because the directions are not very clear. Also, one difference is that the pipes of Bestway are oval shape while Intex pipes are round.

Intex pumps are long-lasting which you can use for one to two seasons, while Bestway pumps perform pretty much the same. Intex framed pools are easier to set up and a bit stronger than Bestway Pools. Intex also offers flexible pool sizes and their own pumps, filters, and other pool supplies and equipment you need. Thus, it’s fair to say that Intex pools are still better than Bestway, but Bestway pools stand on their quality pools and improving through the years.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking for a large swimming pool for your little ones and family fun days, or a quick set-up inflatable swimming pool intended for your small garden area, Intex and Bestway pools offer the best features at a price range you can afford.

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