Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner Review

When you are looking for the effortless pool cleaning you need to which features should come first. After that in which cleaner, you will find it actually. Let’s bring you right to the cleaner that is Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner. This robotic swimming pool cleaner has a great capacity for uploading the filter basket and good to go for the pool which depth is up to 33 feet. This little machine comes with lightweight so it can enhance the portability so it can face any obstacles.

Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner

Where most of the backdated robotic cleaners do have specific cleaning patterns, it has CleverClean technology so it doesn’t leave any place to unexplored. If your pool size is big and so does it get messy with so much dirt, no worries, as it comes with top loading filter basket traps which cover any sort of big pool’s dirt. Let’s not reveal the whole story here and cover Dolphin pool cleaner reviews below.

Here are some core features of Dolphin pool cleaner, make sure you read it first and then we will elaborately discuss on them.

  • Automatic and robotic pool cleaning is done by the large capacity top load filter basket
  • It comes with the CleverClean technology that helps it cover areas without following any random patterns
  • The efficient cleaning process takes 2 hours to finish the whole pool’s surface including steep walls
  • It is easy to use during pool cleaning, and easy to fix up while assembling
  • Portable experience with it as it comes lightweight and thus accessible to any tight corners

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FAQ about Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner

Q. What is the main feature of this Robotic Pool Cleaner?

The main feature of it is to have the CleanClever technology for that it doesn’t clean out the surface following the random patterns, rather it has many sensors that help it to locate the quickest path from one place to another and explore every area in just 2 hours.

Q. How does it operate to collect the debris?

great navigation ability to bring them in the best efficient manner. The suction power paves the way to take all the debris inside the small filter, and once it is done then you can empty it with the garbage and throw it out to the garbage bin.

Q. Does the cord require to be untangled every now or then?

Not at all. It is programmed with the advanced technology with so many sophisticated sensors in which it doesn’t allow such a situation.

What users are saying about Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner

Normally users do have huge expectations when they come to know the product is expensive. But this pool cleaner is a different story, it is more than affordable than one thing, so the features of them are minimalistic. Hence, the users love to have it as a robotic pool cleaner even though it can not clean the waterline of the pool. On the other hand, there are some limitations are found by the users in regards to the sensors. But still, it can manage to clean up the debris to the satisfactory level, as we mentioned the inexpensiveness of it heal all the cons indeed!

Compare Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner vs Dolphin Triton PS

While we go deep inside and hunt the difference between them, we found some differences that you should come to know. The main difference we found with the PowerStream Technology of Dolphin Triton PS Plus. Having this feature, allow the cleaner to climb up the wall and hold on the surface easily. Therefore, chances are pretty low for it to fall off accidentally. On the other hand, it comes with more cleaning power for that it never misses any debris or pollen to collect.

Key Features of Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner

CleverClean Technology

The main feature of it is to have the Dolphin pool cleaner technology. Using this technology it can navigate the whole pool’s surface entirely, and the different sensors help it to make sure of it. Again, these sensors, help it to locate the best path to go across one side of the pool to the other side. As a result, it can clean the pool in the best quickest time ever within a short span of hours only.

Powerful Suction

More or less every best robotic pool vacuum cleaner comes with the powerful suction so it is with Dolphin pool cleaner as well. Also, it can scrub through the surface easily and loosens up the grime and gunk inside your pool. For that, it can clean out the maximum surface with minimum effort and time. The suction power sucks up the gunk and grime and then sends them to the small filter again those are directly sent to the garbage bin.

Portable & user-friendly

When a pool cleaner comes with less weight, it means it can take less time to explore underwater. On the other hand, it becomes user-friendly, which means easy to operate. Fixing up when coming to the home is so easy like no tools required to assemble it up. More or less, every time you just let it go under the water and sit peacefully and see how well it works indeed!

How worthy compared to features and performance?

It may not have tons of features like the most expensive and sophisticated robotic pool cleaner, but what it has is the CleverClean technology. Adopting this technology, it can locate the best path across one side of the pool to others and keep every surface explored. As a result, it can collect the dirt and pollen in the shortest possible time with minimum effort. If you are satisfied with this cleaner, then you are happy with the minimalistic feature within the cheapest price.

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Final Verdict

Best inground pool cleaner within the cheapest price is a winsome deal for you. Dolphin Advantage robotic pool cleaner may not come with so many features like every other expensive robotic pool cleaner, but still, it is generous to your pool to gather maximum debris. Furthermore, it is easy to operate and easy to assemble when you bring it at home. One final important issue is durability and this could be less expensive still durable enough to keep this.

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