Dolphin C3 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

When you have a messy pool, you just need to have a robotic pool cleaner, if you want to experience the best pool cleaning facility. Hence, it is hard to determine which robotic pool cleaner is the best for you.

With dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner, you can experience the commercial level pool cleaning. The main reason why you use it because it will eliminate your effort with the help of Clever Clean technology. It is an advanced navigation system that enhances the exploration under the pool from one place to another and never misses any spots.

Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner Review

The caddy and the cartridge filter are the key features, we find. The cartridge filter is suitable for all pool conditions and perfect for any season to clean out the dust, insects, sand, hair or anything that contaminates the pool. If you want to know what is coming up next with the features, then don’t jump away and read the whole article here.

Before going inside this Dolphin pool cleaner reviews, let us show you some of the noticeable features here:

Noticeable Features

  • It comes with the advanced CleverClean Technology that ensures advanced scanning and cleaning process
  • It brings healthy water up to 2.5 hours no matter how messed up your pool is
  • Dual scrubbing brushes efficiently engage with the tough debris like algae and bacteria on floor and walls
  • Top load cartridge filter tuned with every pool conditions and every season
  • The Suction rate is thousands of gallons per minute and efficient to bring optimum clean water

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FAQ about Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner

Q. Does this come with the caddy and remote assistance?

Dolphin C3 comes with the caddy but you won’t find the remote.

Q. Do I need to stay overnight to monitor the cleaning work?

You can safely run the cleaner system without worries, as you need not keep it monitoring like the others because it is a robotic cleaner. while it works a cord attached to it and it automatically runs and explores every place itself.

Q. Does it stay under the water for days?

Well, to be frank, nobody will recommend you to do this with any cleaner not only this, so you can keep it for a couple of hours only.

What users are saying about Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner

While reviewing any robotic pool cleaner we definitely believe in users’ experience as the first priority. DOLPHIN C3 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner has some charming features that bring most of the user’s attention. The first thing is it is easy to transport with caddy and filter cartridge comes with the dual-mode that brings out every leaves and including the pine leaves. It keeps them happy as they can have their pool perfectly clean out even it works with the waterline and walls.

Compare Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner vs Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner and the Dolphin C3 seem somewhat the same features. Yes, most of the features and the design are the same and it makes it one to another as a doppelganger. However, there are some differences we have sorted out. The first thing that came to our mind is to have the caddy of the Dolphin C3, which is missing with the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus.

After the caddy, we find the Dolphin C3 is more generous with the cleaning cycle, as it takes less time to complete the pool cleaning within 2.5 hours, whereas the other one takes like 3 hours. Not a big difference, but still countable.

The swivel cable is absent with the C3 of Dolphin but present with the CC Plus, hence it comes anti-swivel feature. Lastly, the top filter of them is different also, since the Dolphin C3 is with the top loading and the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is with the bottom loading process.

Key features of Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner

CleverClean Technology

Every robotic pool cleaner comes with its integrated navigation system, for that it innovates its unique technology. So it comes with the Dolphin C3 as well. The name of this sophisticated process is called Clever Clean technology, with the help of it, the Maytronics dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner ensures to clean the pool surface. Basically, it has an advanced algorithms in which it works efficiently and no matter what obstacles it faces in the way.

Efficient  Filtration

The Dolphin C3 comes with the dual cartridge filter that is suitable for your pool condition, no matter what type is that. Even though, you can experience great cleaning at any season. It is quicker than any robotic cleaner of its kind as it has a versatile filtration level up to 90µ.

Easy to clean

The cleaning process would be so easy as it can amazingly scrub the floor, wall and the waterline. Many people experience it to bring out the stubborn contaminants like the insects, leaves, dust, and even the pine needles. When it finishes the work, the pool become as if it had never been remain messed up condition.

How worthy is compared to the feature and performance

The main attention of the Dolphin C3 robotic pool cleaner is to have low maintenance but better performance. It comes with a robust reliable condition, so it can fit to any condition no matter is your pool type or condition. Same goes for the season, it performs at the same pace whether it is summer or winter.

Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner Review

If your mind is questioning how deliberately it can bring out the debris and kick them out of the water, then you should know how it works. Hence, the main thing is with the suction power of it, for that it becomes more reliable and powerful with the dual cartridge filterage as well. Secondly, the thing it uses to wipe out all the debris is with the dual scrub brushes, which show no mercy to gather the debris.

Finally, all the debris go inside the top load filter with the help of fine filtration. Let not forgetful to share hidden technology in which it smartly operated. Yes, this is CleverClean Technology, which ensures the ultimate cleaning to you.

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Final verdict

For us, buying the best pool vacuum is always expensive. People often avoid buying them, when they can eliminate the process using other automatic cleaner or man cleaning efforts. However, not all pools are the same, some of them are big and often get messed up, so if you are having the same difficulty then Dolphin c3 robotic pool cleaner will give you ease. All you need to do is to sit back and have a coffee to see how it works.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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