Hayward Aquanaut 400 Review – Does it users satisfied?

When do you make up your mind to buy an automatic pool cleaner instead of the handheld or other types? We know how it feels when the pool is not cleaning even the cleaner go underwater and remain for hours. In that case, you need to know what is the best suction pool cleaner, and how it works?

Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut 400 Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools up to 20 x 40 ft....

To eliminate your hurdle to bring it out, today we will share Hayward aquanaut 400 reviews. If you ever tested out the Hayward pool cleaner product earlier, then you must know how this brand occupies the pool industry. This automatic pool vacuum cleaner comes with the best navigation process programmed by the steering control of the wheels. And, what are the next features? To know them don’t jump away from here.

Before you dig deep into the review, make sure you know the key features of this product first.

Noticeable Features

  • Self-adjusting turbine vanes ensure to adopt with lower and higher waterflow and suction water continuously.
  • The adjustable skirts keep suctioning no matters it goes across to the uneven surface
  • Steering programming eliminates the reverse cleaning process and leaves no spots uncovered.
  • It can utilize the existing pump, also get connected with the skimmer too or any vacuum line port.
  • Tire treads allow perfect climbing and reach tough areas easily

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FAQ About of Hayward Aquanaut 400

Q. Does it get stuck easily, if not then what makes it run?

No, it does not get stuck easily as it has the amazing steering gear system that reverses the wheel quite often and gets overcome from the obstacles.

Q. May I use it for the vinyl or the fiberglass pools?

Not all of them, and as you know there is a number of choices in regards to the wheel, then the four-wheel would be great to-do as the front wheel of that raised with the tire treads that will help to do so.

Q. What about using it for the tiled pools?

It may struggle with that surface unless you won’t purchase and install the solid tires that come with the knob.

What users are saying about Hayward Aquanaut 400

Taking the in-depth user feedback seems the most tiresome task to us, and it takes more time to absorb, what they actually demand from an ideal cleaner. The core feedback from real users comes with great satisfaction just because it has multifunctional cleaning ability.

Such as, having wheels is not enough the wheels follow the pre-programmed steering movement, climb the walls with the rugged tire treads. So, this specialty brings more fame to it. The only con we find with the price, as it seems pricey to them, however the price really worth it.

Compare Hayward Aquanaut 400 vs Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut

Both of them would be the perfect match and come with similar features. But we sort out the difference in regards to the performance. The Hayward Aquanaut 400 has the same steering and suction process that the Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum has. But the point is the Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut has come with more suction power and stability with the better traction.

The causes of these exceptions are for a number of ad-on. The Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut has the V-flex technology which is the newest adoption in the pool cleaning industry, whereas the Aquanaut 400 poolvergnuegen pool cleaner doesn’t have so.

Key features of Hayward Aquanaut 400

Pre-programmed steering navigation

Hayward Aquanaut poolvergnuegen 4x has superb navigation with the help of pre-programmed steering sequences. This process eliminates the extra workout like periodical reverse navigation. Furthermore, this navigation process ensures to go across the hard to reach areas and even the uneven surfaces, eventually left no spot untouched. The bigger wheels bring more power to go in any direction at once without facing any hurdles. As a result, you will get the full pool clean coverage efficiently and in time.

Ultimate suction power

The suction power is the main focus while choosing any pool cleaner. Hayward aquanaut 400 is the best in this business as it has a patented adjustable self-adjusting turbine vanes. Having this turbine vanes it can maximize the water flow at the same time collect a huge amount of debris. Afterward, it has a patented adjustable roller skirt, which paves the way to optimize the suction process within the uneven surface. Hence, the cleaner doesn’t compromise with the uneven surface and keep the same suction ability over there.

Better mobility

Whereas the non-wheeler pool cleaner gets stuck between the even to the uneven surface and takes a lot of time to clean the pool the Hayward Aquanaut 400 provides less time as it has better mobility. Many people still believe the pros of the robotic pool vacuum cleaner only lies in the brand and newly adopted technology.

However it is, but at the same time forget about mobility. In that case, the Wheeler cleaner beat all the non-wheeler cleaner. As they are easy to climb and minimize the cleaning turnaround time. Besides that this cleaner has the Patented tire treads, which maximize the performance while climbing up the wall and dealing with the uneven surface exploration.

How worthy compared to features and performance

It would be hard to describe in this Hayward Aquanaut 400 review if you won’t test the cleaner. First comes first, the steering program seems so new and solve the real problem of a pool atmosphere. After that, the mobility or the navigation process with the help of tire treads and having the wheels is the key reason why one should have it.

The overall performance is good to go but make sure you bring the right one. We mean the two-wheeler or the four-wheeler you will choose? For the small one two-wheeler would be nice but if you have so many Baja stairs then never forget to choose the 4 wheeler cleaner.

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Final Verdict

Now come to the bottom line of this Hayward Aquanaut 400 review, now you are confused at which one to bring at home. The Hayward Aquanaut 2 wheeler won’t able to cover the pool where you may have stairs other than wall climbing. The same happens with the vinyl, fiberglass and tiled surface. In that case, the 4 wheeler cleaner would be good to go. Aside from this, make sure you follow the instruction before assembling it.

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