How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

A pool cover is a necessary item to maintain the pool when an outdoor pool is not in use, the pool covers keep rain and debris out. A pool cover also keeps children and pets safe from drowning. There are many different types of covers; but, the solar cover, often known as a blanket is the most efficient. It not only covers your pool but also catches solar radiation to raise the water temperature naturally.

A solar pool cover is meant to assist in naturally heating your swimming pool by absorbing sun rays. It keeps the water temperature at a reasonable level throughout the year. When the pool is not in use, it can be used as a cover to save time on maintenance and prevent water loss due to evaporation.

Solar pool covers come in a variety of designs and sizes to fit swimming pools of all shapes, even above-ground pools. Solar pool covers are also far more affordable than typical swimming pool heaters. It makes them a highly appealing alternative for any pool owner.

What Kinds of Solar Pool Covers Are There?

Pool Solar Covers Work

There are many different types of solar pool covers in the market, ranging from readymade to low-cost solar pool covers. Understanding the types of solar pool covers available can assist you in determining which is the best fit for your requirements.

Solar Blankets: Solar blankets, also known as bubble solar coverings. They are comprised of microscopic thermal bubbles that help to keep pool moisture while capturing heat. Solar blankets come in a variety of thicknesses. They can raise the pool’s temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Get a solar blanket that is larger than the surface area of your pool to cover it completely. You can trim the edges of the solar blanket once it has been unfolded and placed over the water to fit it to the shape of your pool.

Solar Rings: Solar Rings are less bulky than full solar blankets, resembling a floating disc with a solar bubble lining. They may, however, leave some water areas exposed, which makes them less effective in filtering trash from the pool. Solar rings come in a variety of forms and sizes, so you may mix and match to cover your pool for a low price.

Custom Solar Pool Cover: This is a premium option for homeowners with unique pool designs because it is designed to fit the shape of your pool.

Liquid Solar Pool Cover:  It is like an invisible screen. This cover can raise the temperature of the water by up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also quite simple to use. Simply pour the necessary amount of liquid solar pool cover into the water, and the biodegradable liquid cover will do the rest. You just need to replace the liquid around once a month.

What are the benefits of solar pool covers?

benefits of solar pool covers

Solar energy is the most cost-effective and easy method to heat your pool. It allows you to save money while also extending your swimming season. However, while the sun warms the water in the pool, heat is lost due to other factors such as wind and evaporation. A solar blanket for the pool helps to maintain the heat acquired from the sun, lowering your heating costs. A solar blanket not only heats the water but also helps the pool’s chemicals last longer.

What are the disadvantages of solar pool covers?

Although there are a few disadvantages to solar pool covers, they should be considered. A prefabricated pool cover’s major disadvantage is that it will not provide the same level of security as other pool covers.

Custom solar pool covers with security features should be considered by families with small children. Another disadvantage of solar pool covers is that, despite their low cost, they are not as long-lasting as other pool covers. You can install them easily, and it is known to work quite well over the years – making this a good choice for many pool owners.


Solar pool covers successfully heat the pool water by letting more solar rays enter the pool. Between swims, try to keep the cover on for a long time. You can also install a metal reel on one end of the pool deck to easily roll the blanket. You do not have to attach the solar cover to the pool’s sides, it can freely move on the surface.

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