How to get algae out of pool without a vacuum

When did you last clean your pool? If you have a small pool, then you can avoid a pool vacuum cleaner as some of them are expensive and the rest of others has many issues to operate. Your enemy algae do not grow in your pool instantly; rather, it grows constantly, and to see them, you will need microscopic vision. Furthermore, when it grows abundantly, and you don’t care to clean it up, then it shows up finally.

So, if you love your pool and want to keep it clean without having a vacuum, then we will love to know the tricks on how to get algae out of the pool without a vacuum.

How to get algae out of the pool without a vacuum

 Signs of Algae in your pool

Technically, Algae always swim around your pool, no matter you can trace them or not. Especially when the pool remains stagnant the Algae itself burgeoning rapidly. The problem comes to us when it grows and spread around everywhere in the pool and makes the pool unhygienic.

So the decision is yours whether you will let it grow or beat it down. Thankfully, the sign of Algae is pretty apparent to us. Whenever we go underwater of the pool and can not see for the cloudiness, then it is a sign that Algae is having fun there.

How much harmful is Algae? Algae is unhygienic that is true. However, it doesn’t cause any major issues, unlike algae blooms found in marine waters. The common type of Algae is green; it is a type of food for bacteria.

How to get algae out of pool without a vacuum - Signs of Algae in your pool

Whenever you can see your pool has become dull and appear with any unwanted color, then assume that Algae has just landed and fed the bacteria in your pool.

Another symptom is discoloration around stairs or any corners and walls of your pool. Algae’s best places are over there.

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Cleaning and saving your Pool from Algae

Finally come to the battle. Get ready with your all weapon except the vacuum don’t lose hope we are here to give you some interesting tricks on how to get rid of algae in pool quickly, and they are:

Know your Pool Filter
Thankfully, you have a pool filter, especially when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Your only responsibility is to clean it off and on. Normally, when you regularly wash your pool once a week, then your pool filter tends to be less stuck with debris, and when you use flocculant, it also saves the water from clouding particles.

But don’t forget any thunderstorm, so even if you regularly wash and clean it thoroughly, a sudden thunderstorm will cause huge debris around the pool and inside the pool. So clear a large amount of debris with algae then know yourself how to clean it.

Clean your filter Properly
It is not rocket science to know how to clean your filter properly. If you are cleaning your pool once a week, then it takes less effort and time to clean it. Make sure that, you have turned off the switch when begin to clean it. If you get stuck to clean it, then the garden hose will be handy to pull out a lot of accumulated dust and dirt from inside the filter.

Know the Water’s pH levels
The best scientific approach to know whether the water is dirty or not is about pH levels testing. On the other hand, it is not only used before cleaning your pool rather use it two or three times once a week. As you know, the pool is normally uncovered, so it should be tested sometimes to see whether something gets inside to cause harm to you or not.

You can easily buy a pH tester from a local market. Before buying it, read reviews from different consumers and of course buy it from a reliable brand. Once you have bought it, then use it to check your pool’s pH.

Do you know the alarming level of pH? The safe zone of the pH level is between 7.2 to 7.6. When you can see it increases, then assume that the level goes to an alarming rate. Also, when it goes down, then your pool needs more pH increaser.

Add sanitizing Chlorine tablets
You have already known about the Algae stuff; right? It is usually a type of food for bacteria. So why not you kill them? In that case, use sanitizing chlorine tablets work great and they will slowly dissolve into the water finally kill all the bacteria. But follow the instructions strictly that how many tablets you should use.

Some tools that you will need to handle
These are Brush walls, steps, and ladders. If you have once cleaned it then you have seen how algae grow across the pool. In that case, you should properly use the tools suppose, a telescopic pole in a brush will ease the entire stuff to clean. Moreover, you can use chlorine as it will weaken the algae, and finally, you will easily wipe them out from your pool. We will elaborately discuss how to get algae out of the pool without a vacuum so keep reading…

Use a leaf net
Are there a lot of big trees stand a few meters away from your pool? Then your pool will get dirty with leaves. It will bother you indeed, but what else you can them without cleaning it properly? So bring a leaf net and after a few days later clean it just a walk a few steps around the pool.  On the other hand, the net will catch up the debris too, which is an added advantage while cleaning up the leaves in the pool.

Tricks that work right now

Until now, we have talked about some auxiliary precautions that will help to a minimum extent. Now, the following instructions will blow your mind. More importantly, if you don’t make sure of any precautions and are suddenly stuck with huge debris and Algae, then these will work.

How to get algae out of pool without a vacuum

Your best weapon is algaecides:
When everything has been done, but you can’t see any results than only one thing that can help you that is less forgiving and don’t miss its arrow to heat the target. The cruel defender is Algaecides. Follow our instructions here:

Pool Sanitation by Algaecide:
Algaecides is the best weapon right now. Normally every outdoor pool continuously attacks by many factors that boost burgeon Algae, for example, wind, rain, and tree leaf. Algaecides so far are the fastest and effective step to vanquish every Algae.

Beat Algae right now
If you can see Algae is rapidly growing into the pool and the normal cleaning stuff doesn’t work out at all, hence you can think about Algaecide that will blow out all the algae. However, different algaecides work differently and are also used for different types of Algae.  So when your pool is affected by the green algae, think about the ammonia-based algaecide. On the other hand, some metallic-based algaecide will kill tough black algae.

Stop Algae from growing in numbers
A small amount of regular algaecides usage will stop the promotion of algae. It is a wise decision not to clean it totally after it crosses the limit rather stop it from regularly increasing its numbers. In that case, use it regularly. As a result, you can never see algae grow across the pool’s corners or walls.

Use the Shock Product
Shock product is commonly used to remove algae at the same time it is affordable and effective too. To start this mission, make sure you have the following things. They are

  1. Hand gloves so that you can stay safe from the chemical
  2. Eyewear save your eyesight protection
  3. A bucket will be handy to spread across the pool
  4. Calcium Hypochlorite pool shock for removing algae

The process
First of all, make sure your safety first, so wear eyewear and hand gloves. Afterward, you will need at least five gallons of water and fill it with the bucket. Now, you need to add less than one kg of shock but more than half kg of it with the water. Now, you know what to do; right? So pour it over the affected areas.

Depending on the serious growth of algae, you can add more shock even you can double the dose of the Calcium Hypochlorite.

Note:  We recommend you do the whole work at night and let the filter run for eight hours at least. As a result, the shock will get enough time to mix with the water and finally kill the algae.


The formidable algae will be under your submission once you have done all the necessary steps that we have already shared. Our tricks on how to get algae out of the pool without a vacuum are self-proven, so don’t hesitate to get started with the pool next to you. Before, apply any trick, make sure whether the condition of your pool is relevant to that or not. If you can see algae has crossed all the limits, then don’t forgive it for applying algaecides or the shock products.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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  1. I have shocked the above ground pool twice the chlorine is up to maximum and the ph balance is 7.2 but it is still very cloudy. It has been fully on now for just over a week. I have back washed it and rinsed about 5 times and I have used anti algae. I have had the robot in a couple times a day. We are a high calcium area so I have put in some anti cal Claire. Any ideas I am in france

  2. I have shocked my pool, algecide, skimmed the top and side, vacuumed the bottom for day and it’s still has algae that rises to top when moving anything

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