How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

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Are you wondering how to vacuum above ground pool? If yes, this article will resolve all your issues regarding this subject. You can have so much fun in an above-ground swimming pool during your vacation. However, it is essential not to avoid the ‘maintenance’ and ‘cleanliness’ part of having fun. One should make sure that their swimming pool is clean and has safe water so that they and their family members can enjoy without any safety or hygiene issues.

If you own an above-ground pool, there is good news for you. An above-ground pool takes less effort to clean and maintain in comparison to an inground swimming pool. However, for keeping the water clean of your above ground pool, you should vacuum it on a regular basis. When you vacuum often, it does not let the algae grow and settle down on the floor and walls of your pool.

When it becomes Crucial to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool?

If you see that the water of your pool has turned cloudy, consider it as a sign that your pool requires to be vacuumed. Whenever that happens, you should vacuum your whole pool right away. There are heavy dirt particles that do not float on the surface of water but settle down and stick to the bottom of your pool. You cannot get rid of these dirt particles without vacuuming your pool.

It is very dangerous for your health to use such a pool that has algae growing on its surface. Not only it can cause skin problems, but it can also give birth to severe health issues. You can catch diseases such as Cryptosporidium, Shigellosis, Legionella and Giardiasis from getting in contact with the dirty water of your above ground pool. Therefore, you should vacuum your pool often to avoid any such situation.

If you do not have time to vacuum your pool yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you. However, if you do not want to spend money on hiring someone to do the vacuuming of your pool, it is better to not use your pool until it is vacuumed. It is better to be protective than to be sorry later, right? Therefore, make sure to not use a dirty pool for swimming.

What Do You Need to Clean an Above Ground Pool?

What usually comes to mind when one questions ‘how to vacuum above ground pool?’ Yes, the appliance for doing it. One should buy a vacuum cleaner for pools when they are buying an above-ground pool. However, you can purchase it later as well. There are distinctive types and versions of above-ground pool vacuums are available in the market. In addition, there are different models are specifically made for different designs and sizes of popular brand custom pool, like Summer waves pools.

The cost of these pool vacuum cleaners can be similar or different according to their functions, features, attachments, technology and the type of pool they can clean the best. You should measure the size of your pool if you are not aware of it already and only then proceed to buy a vacuum cleaner for yourself. You can get a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to vacuum the model of your pool.

However, there are some cleaners designed in such a way that can clean most of the above-ground pool models. A good example of that would be the Zodiac Ranger above-ground automatic pool cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is great and it can clean almost all kinds of above-ground pools. But if you own Intex soft-sided pool, then we would suggest you not to buy it. Because although this cleaner can clean an above-ground pool based on a 70-inch bottom, it is not suitable for cleaning Intex pools.

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

When you own an above ground pool yourself or you take up a job to take care of someone else’s pool, you need to make time for its maintenance. It is essential to vacuum your pool from time to time. There are two ways to get the job done. You can clean your pool with the help of automatic vacuum cleaners for pool.

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

If you do not wish to spend money on automatic cleaners, you can do the cleaning job with a traditional vacuum for pools as well. Obviously, automatic cleaners will work much faster. They are less tedious and might even clean better. This is because an automatic vacuum cleaner for pools will be able to reach the areas of pool that you might not be able to cover manually.

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The traditional pool cleaning system has a head made with brushes and rollers on it. There is a big roll of the hose and a tall metal or fiberglass pole. Working with all these instruments might seem a lot of work, but it is worth it for keeping your pool clean and safe for use. If you avoid vacuuming your pool just because it seems like an exhausting process, algae will start growing on the bottom of the pool and the water of the pool will be unhealthy.

Requirements to Clean an Above Ground Pool Manually

When you decide to vacuum your above ground pool, you need to make sure that you have the required tools to start and get the job done. If you are not sure which tools you need to acquire, do not worry because we have got you covered. First of all, you should have a strong commitment to do the cleaning job. Other than that, here are the significant instruments you will require to vacuum your above ground pool –

  • A vacuum head with rollers or brushes
  • A pool skimmer or a rake
  • A long fiberglass or metal pole
  • A pool vacuum hose
  • Optional – A skimming disc

Remove the Debris that is Stuck on the Surface

You should start the cleaning job with the help of a skimmer or a pool rake to get rid of all the debris on the walls and the floor of the pool. This will also remove any bugs, leaves and unwanted material from your above ground pool. A leaf rake can help you take care of this task with ease.

Choose a handy vacuum for pools which is lightweight and easy to get the job done. So, you will not need any cords or hoses for it. When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the pool surface, and then switch on the pump. Make sure that the water is going through the filter of the pool.

Insert the Pool Cleaning Vacuum Head into Your Above Ground Pool

Before you use the vacuum head to get the cleaning work done, you should attach it to the spinning end of hose. Connect the vacuum head to the fiberglass or metal pole. Once that is done, you should lower its assembly to get to the bottom area of the above ground pool.

Lock the long pole into the correct position and place it such that it is leaning on the pool’s side. You need to ensure that the water outlet can easily reach the pole. For the next step, you need to fill up the hose with water. To do that, hold the free end near water outlet. You have to fill up the hose until bubbles stop generating from the head.

The Right Way to Clean the Bottom of Your Above Ground Pool

You should slip the skimmer disc into the skimmer for starting the process of vacuuming the pool. Some vacuums will need to be plugged to one end of the hose for acquiring suction. If your vacuum requires the same, ensure to take out the end of hose out of pool water.

Slowly move the vacuum head back and forth from above the bottom of the pool. Make sure to choose such a position to do this from where you can see the bottom part of the pool to clean dirt from the bottom of a pool. Lastly, you have to vacuum until the whole floor of your above ground pool is clean.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with the Help of a Garden Hose?

One of the popular methods to clean an above ground pool is to take help of your garden hose for it. For this, you need a vacuum system for cleaning the pool that is attached to the garden hose. This method of vacuuming is great if you do not want to spend too much money. Also, for small size pools and hot tubs, this method does an amazing job.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with the Help of a Garden Hose

The procedure to vacuum an above ground pool with a garden hose is as follows –

Step 1: Connect the vacuum head with the telescoping pole

Step 2: Connect the hose end to one end of the pole. The other hose end needs should to fixed to the spigot.

Step 3: Attach the opening area of the vacuum to the vacuum bag.

Step 4: Turn off the filtration system of your above ground pool.

Step 5: Turn on the pool water. Then, submerge the pool vacuum into the above ground pool.

Step 6: Move the vacuum back and forth in slow motions along with the surface of the pool. This will remove the debris and dirt from the pool.

Step 7: Turn on the filtration system of the pool to get rid of all the residual debris that might be floating in the water.

If you follow all these steps properly as mentioned, then you will able to vacuum your above ground pool with ease. Plus, it would not take much time for you to clean. However, if you do the chore out of order (not as mentioned here), it might take longer.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with the Help of a Sand Filter?

If you have decided to use a sand filter to clean your pool, you should make sure to select the proper setting of the filtration for it. In general, this kind of filter system has 6 settings, which are: rinse, backwash, recirculate, waste, closed and filter.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with the Help of a Sand Filter?

People usually use the filter setting to clean their above ground pool. This setting takes care of the minimal debris and algae which is not visible to the naked eye. This method works pretty great for pools that are small in size and hot tubs. Plus, it is inexpensive in comparison to the other methods.

The procedure to vacuum an above ground pool with a sand filter is as follows 

Step 1: Connect the vacuum head and telescoping pole with each other.

Step 2: Connect end of the vacuum hose to one end of the pole. Another end of the hose must be connected to the spigot.

Step 3: Attach the bag of vacuum to the opening area of the pool vacuum.

Step 4: Turn off the filtration system of your above ground pool.

Step 5: Turn on the switch for the water to run and then submerge the pool vacuum into your pool.

Step 6: Move the vacuum back and forth slowly along the surface of the pool so that it removes debris and dirt off it.

Step 7: At last, turn on the filtration system again to get rid of any floating dirt and debris.

It will take you less time to vacuum your pool if you follow the steps in the order as mentioned here.

So, this is how to vacuum above ground pool with various methods. We assure you that it is not as big of a task as it seems. Just follow all the instructions properly and you will able to do a good job. However, if you do not have time or do not want to make the efforts, you can always hire someone else to vacuum your pool for you. But make sure not to use a dirty pool, as it can cause skin problems and health related issues.

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