Intex 8ft x 30in Easy Set Pool Review

Your backyard pool’s enjoyment depends on what sort of above ground pool ladders and steps you are going to buy. The main thing is to measure the perfect size of an above ground pool. For your family recreation, Intex 8ft x 30in Easy Set Pool would be a great choice. It comes with ten minutes of installation and you will get the filter pump at an affordable price.

Intex 8ft x 30in easy set pool review

If you avoid the steel frame as it takes more effort to assemble then the durable laminated PVC sidewalls of the Intex 8ft pool will satisfy you. The overall water capacity is 80% that is 639 gallons and the filter pump can deliver 330 gallons in each hour. Intex cares about you and so it clarifies the water with the help of improved water circulation.

Before going to the whole review on this pool, let’s show you some of the groundbreaking features here:

Noticeable Features

  • It comes with the super-tough laminated PVC sidewalls and is easy to inflate and set it up
  • The filter pump run by 110-120 volt and can bring water into the pool up to 330GPH
  • The pool can hold 639 gallons which are 80% of the pool capacity
  • The dual suction outlet fittings ensure to bring hygiene and clear water from improved water circulation
  • No need for a separate drainage system as the suction process regulates from the pool’s drain

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The FAQ of Intex 8ft x 30in easy set pool

Q: How much should I need to fill with water in this Intex above ground pool?

The manufacturer’s recommendation is 80% which is 639 gallons. Normally the inflatable ring eats up the rest of the 20% so don’t think so that you have left the 20% of space.

Q: How can I take care of Intex 8ft x 30in easy set pool?

You can use a little amount of chlorine and apply a rubber brush as it helps to kick out the algae from the bottom layer and then the filter will do the rest of the job.

Q: How much time do I need to set it up for swimming?

First off, it is designed for easy setup, and it will take just ten minutes to inflate the ring and be ready for the water. However, swimming, it may take hours.

What users are saying about Intex 8ft x 30in easy set pool

Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump
Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump
Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions.

We have gone through many of the reviews online and then met with the real users. Most of them love these pool steps for the above ground pool as it is easy to install so they can save their time and effort. We also figured out that this investment for the tiny inflatable pool provides them the best return. Maintenance won’t give them a hard time with this pool cleaner and this is perfect for the 4 adults for the playful pastime in the pool.

Compare Intex 8ft x 30in easy set pool vs Summer Waves 8ft x 30

Summer Waves 8ft x 30 and the Intex 8ft X 30 both are the above ground pool steps, however, we find a number of differences between them. The first difference, we find is with the design. The Intex has an inflatable ring designed frame whereas the Summer waves come with the stainless steel frame, and the frame makes a lot of differences indeed.

Summer Waves P2000830A Active 8ft x 30in Outdoor Round Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with...
Summer Waves P2000830A Active 8ft x 30in Outdoor Round Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with...
EASY ASSEMBLY: Ready for water in as little as 30 minutes with simple snap-in design

First off, the assembling time and effort of Intex take just 10 minutes, and easy to understand the instruction. On the flip side, the summer waves come with the frame and thus it takes 3x time that means half an hour or even more.

The water capacity also set a new difference between them and the Summer Waves has a bigger capacity with 801 gallons. The filter pump is located at the sidewalls of the summer waves and the Intex filter pump is put on the ground.

Key features of Intex 8ft x 30in easy set pool

Easy setup

The main feature of this 8ft x 30in Intex easy set pool is to have a great installation that takes just 10 minutes and the pool will be ready for the water. All you need to do is to lay out the pool on the flat/even ground, inflate the top ring, and fill it with water and enjoy. You need to be watchful that the ground is level perfectly unless you are going to face a hard time setting up.

Hydro Aeration Technology

Having the Hydro Aeration Technology shape the future of the above-ground pool industry and for that, Intex can provide the best deal as well. Due to this innovation, we are getting more improved water filtration and circulation. The aeration process keeps all the dirt and debris out from the water through the filtration process so we get better water in the pool. On the other hand, it helps to mix air with water and induces the oxidation of manganese and iron. As a result, we are getting sparkling water in our pool that looks and feels great!

Includes filter pump

The filter pump is the most valuable piece in the best above ground pool and when it falters then you lost half of your investment. By the way, there is some pool that is not offering the filter pump, so you need to purchase them. It is better to get the filter pump within the warranty along with the whole pool set. Fortunately, you are going to have a filter pump that is powerful and easy to clean its cartridge, all you need to do is to hook up the hoses and see how it works.

How worthy compared to the feature and performance

Intex 8ft x 30in is a great choice as an above ground pool entry steps. If you are new in this business, this option eliminates your hard time to set it up and less money to invest as well. It costs way much less what the enjoyment and refreshment will pay off. More importantly, the Hydro Aeration process is the key to all benefits and it is quite surprising that you are getting this ad-on at this price! For that, you are going to have more sparkling water by the improved water circulation consequently improve the negative-ions. If you have a family of 4 adults or 2 adults with 3 kids then this one would be good to go.

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Final Verdict

Buying an above ground pool steps is safer and money-saving. Also, it would be a great choice for the newbie as well. We show you how this Intex pool will benefit you now it is your turn to make your own choice. You may have many alternatives but what you can’t manage is the easy setup solution at this affordable price.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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