Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review – Compare Features vs Users Opinion

As the summer is getting closer the temperature is increasing day by day. To overcome the extensive summer heat we use different techniques to stay cool. The pool is one of the common things we use in this hot summer but some of them are in nasty condition and you don’t feel to use it. The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is the best solution out there for that awful and dirty pools. By using this Automatic pool vacuum cleaner one can expect a clean and good looking pool.

The cleaner get rids of debris and sand from the pool by just connecting the cleaner to hose pool connector. It pumps out the pressurized water to the pool to remove the dust. This cleaner is a pressurized cleaner rather than a suction type cleaner. Apart from pool cleaning the Intex Auto pool cleaner also acts has a sand filter too.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Cleans debris and sand
  • Fully automated
  • Easy to use
  • Easy assembly
  • Not applicable for in-ground pools
  • Not applicable for non-Intex pools
  • The skimmer basket, debris net, and pool pump filter needs cleaning frequently
  • The small wheels may not work with wrinkles pools
  • It will only work on smooth surfaces
  • Not useful for rectangular pools more than 18 feet size and round pools more than 24 feet size

The company recommends to use a 1,200 GPH to 3,500 GPH flow rate filter pump for better results and sand filter can also be added to the pump for extra benefits. This cleaner is specially made for above ground pools and it can be used with only Intex pools but you can always use an adaptor for different types pools. The cleaner is designed to work cleanly up to 24 feet.

The benefits of this cleaner are it cleans the sand and debris from the pool floor. However frequent cleaning of this product is required for better performance. The 4 wheel design contributes to an easy use of this product and its compact design helps the product to store in tight places. It is an automated system, hence you can use this product without any struggles or burden.

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Key Features of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

The Intex Auto pool cleaner just weighs 15.3 pounds which makes it lighter and easy to carry. It is one of the lightest cleaners compared to the other products which are available in the market.

Compact dimensions
It has a product dimension of 13.4×12.2 x23.4 inches which indeed helps you to store this cleaner in tight spaces too. The compact dimensions also contribute to an easy use of the product.

Pressurized pool cleaner
The pressurized cleaning system is more convenient than the conventional suction pool cleaner. The pressure water cleaning systems help to remove most of the dust and impurities present in the pool.

High flow rate of 1,200 GPH to 3,500 GPH
The product can be used with high flow rate pumps from 1,200 GPH to 3,500 GPH. The higher the flow rate better the performance of the cleaner.

Fully automated system
The fully automated systems comes handy at certain situation. This system helps you to clean the pool very easy without any struggles. All the process will be handled by the cleaner itself and only minimal effort is required from the user.

Intex pools
This product is a perfect fit for all kind of Intex pools but the user can also use this product with other types of pools with the help of an adaptor which is one the great feature of this product.

4 wheels system
The device has built-in 4 wheels which help in the cleaning of the pool. The user can get a struggle free experience with this features and it also improves the momentum of the cleaner.

Pool pump filter
The built-in pump filter filters out most of the dust and sands. It also protects the pump from various damages and safeguards the pump.

Perfect cleaner for above ground pools
The cleaner is specially designed for above ground pools and one can expect a perfect result from this product.

Brush, debris net, and skimmer basket
These 3 nets are very useful in cleaning the pool. It helps to filter out all the dust, nets, stands etc without any struggles. In fact, it is one of the coolest features of this cleaner.

User opinion about Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

User opinion about Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

As we know this is an excellent product, many people who have bought this product had given a positive feedback. They said that it is one of the best pool cleaners they have ever used and the affordable price bracket of the product had won lot fans. The user also said that the product has superior build quality and it also very convenient to use. It is one kind of a product that had won a lot of people’s heart.

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Compare  Intex Auto Pool Cleaner vs XtremepowerUS Automatic Cleaner

First and foremost the price is major difference between this 2 products. The Intex pool cleaner is affordable whereas the XtremepowerUS is on the expensive side. The 4 wheels system in the Intex helps the user to use the product very easily but suction design XtremepowerUS cleaner is a little bit tricky to use.

Compare  Intex Auto Pool Cleaner vs XtremepowerUS Automatic Cleaner

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The exceptional build quality cannot be compared with the XtremepowerUS. The XtremepowerUS is suction type cleaner whereas Intex is a pressurized water system pool cleaner. The compact dimension of the Intex cleaner is against the XtremepowerUS cleaner. The compact dimensions help you to store this product in tights spaces.

Why Should You Choose It or Not

Why Should You Choose It or Not

The Intex Auto pool cleaner is a bang for buck product. This product has exceptional build quality with a long list of features. The functions and features are best in class and no other products in this market can match up with this one. If you buy this product you will never get disappointed with it.

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Final verdict
The Intex Auto pool cleaner is one of the best above ground pool cleaner available in the market. It has various features and functions to make the user happy. The lightweight design and exceptional build quality makes it worth buying and one cannot ignore this product. If you are in the market looking for pool cleaners then you need to consider this product.

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