Intex Pool Reviews and Comparison 2023

Looking for the best Intex above-ground Pool? Constructing a swimming pool is a lot of money and takes time to do. You need to hire a pool contractor, buy supplies and worry about gas lines and water lines on your property.

Intex Pool Reviews

So why all these hassles when you can use an above-ground pool? And when it comes to this kind of pool, one brand is popular almost anywhere: Intex. This is an Intex pool review that will help you find the classic about the ground pool that’s perfect for you and your family’s needs.

In the industry of above-ground pools, Intex is one of the most popular of them. Within the current market research Intex’s recent popular, best-selling and affordable above ground pools are highlighted.

The Best 3 Intex Pools

Intex is the brand for inflatable pools and tubs, swimming equipment, and water fun toys. Their large pools are perfect not just during the summertime but for any day of the year. You can install a large 15 feet pool in just a few minutes, add water and you’ll be splashing around before the day ends.

You can keep an Intex pool assembled in your backyard as a permanent fixture too. Intex has a large collection of the best above ground pool models so it’s really a challenge to find the right one so let our handy list and review help you out.

Although the top-rated Intex pools have been reviewed in detail below. 6 Best Intex pool models are among the most popular and have received the best ratings online. These come in different sizes and styles.

There’s the classic Intex with a metal frame set which is very durable and will remain assembled despite frequent use. Another type is the Easy Pool with no frames but has a strong wall. Our best Intex pool list is composed of over-the-ground models so read on for their individual reviews.

Top 6 Intex Pool Reviews and Comparison

1. Intex 15ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex 28241EH 15 Foot x 48 Inch Metal Frame Outdoor Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Filter Pump,...

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A good one to check out is the Intex 15ft x 48in pool set. This has a very durable metal frame to keep the walls durable and strong. The side walls are laminated with a reinforced, all-around band that will keep the shape in place. It will only take you around 45 minutes to ready this pool with 4,440 gallons of water. It also has a thick ground cloth/debris cover that’s made from 3-ply material.

It is equipped with dual suction outlets to enhance water circulation for improved hygiene and water clarity. Your purchase comes with a cartridge filter pump at 1,000 gallons per hour rate. And when it’s time to remove water, simply connect the drain plug to a garden hose it can drain away from the pool and house. There are so many impressive features of this pool but there are some flaws as well. Although these are remote complaints, people who have used it are concerned that the ground cover/tarp is too thin. This may not be enough to safely cover the ground or dirt to prevent puncturing the base of the pool.

Noticeable features

  • Made from very strong materials with laminated sidewalls
  • With triple-ply ground cover and debris cover
  • Set up is easy and will only take you less than an hour
  • Can accommodate 4,440 gallons of water
  • Comes with a filter pump
  • Easy water maintenance suction outlet fittings
  • Very strong metal frame
  • Very strong material
  • Comes with a water filter
  • Easy to remove the pool water
  • Large enough for a small family
  • Complaints that the tarp is too thin

2. Intex 18ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter 

Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover

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For a larger family or for people who just love to wade in a deeper pool, the Ultra XTR from Intex is for you. This measures 18ft across and 52 inches deep. It has galvanized steel frames with an engineered special locking system which means that it is very durable. The frames are powder-coated so these are resistant to rust. You can use this all year round as long as you keep the water healthy.

This comes with a sand filter pump which has an efficient 2,100-gallon flow rate per hour. You also have a pool ladder which makes it easier to come in and out of the pool and a cover to protect it from dirt and dust. The overall water capacity of this above-ground model is 6,981 gallons which is enough for endless water fun for a small family or a group of friends.  Its large size makes it harder and longer to fill. It will take you around an hour to assemble and fill with water so you really have to wait a long time to swim.

Noticeable features

  • This pool is ready for fun in an hour of assembly
  • Made from very durable materials with a galvanized steel powder-coated steel frame
  • The frame is resistant to rust and will remain intact all year round
  • Comes with a sand filter pump
  • With a free ladder, ground cloth and cover
  • With a water capacity of 6,981 gallons
  • Large capacity pool
  • Easy to install
  • Very durable frames
  • With safety pool ladder
  • Frames resistant to rust
  • Takes a long time to assemble

3. Intex 15ft x 48in Easy Pool Set

INTEX 28167EH Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool Set: 15ft x 48in – Includes 1000 GPH Cartridge...

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A large pool is the Intex Easy Pool Set. It has a 3,736-gallon capacity which means it can accommodate a small family at the same time. This is equipped with a special ground fault interrupter, a safety feature that stops the pump if an electrical line is exposed to water. You don’t need to set up frames for this because you only need to inflate it and you are done.

This will be ready for swimmers in just 15 minutes. It comes with a Krystal clear cartridge pump that has a capacity of 1,000 gallons per hour of water. You also get a ladder so you can safely step in and out of the pool plus a safe ground and debris cover. This inflatable pool has laminated PVC sidewalls that make it more durable.

It also comes with a drain plug that connects to a garden hose to drain water away from the pool. Although the idea of an easy to use inflatable pool is something to look forward to, it remains dangerous to use one without frames especially with this much water capacity. So despite the many cool features, it would be safer if you chose one with galvanized frames instead of this design.

Noticeable features

  • With ground fault interrupter feature for added safety
  • Can accommodate a small family with 3,736 gallons of water
  • With a cartridge filter pump to improve pool water health
  • Very tough PVC-laminated pool walls
  • Ready in just 15 minutes
  • With drain plugs that conveniently connects to a garden hose
  • With dual-suction outlets for improved water circulation
  • Comes with a ladder, pool cover, debris, and ground cover for added safety
  • Large pool capacity
  • With strong walls
  • With added safety features
  • Easy  water drainage
  • Comes with a water pump
  • No pool frames
  • Does not come with an air pump

4. Intex 16.5ft  Oval Prism Frame Pool Set 

INTEX 26795EH Prism Frame Premium Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool Set: 16.6ft x 9ft x 48in –...

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The Intex Prism Frame Pool Set is available in round, oval and rectangular shapes. This pool is strong because it comes with powder-coated steel frames. You can play, float or practice your strokes without fear of the structure collapsing. This Prism set is made of a 3-ply material that won’t tear or puncture under normal conditions. It has a capacity of 3,531 gallons of water.

Your purchase includes a 110 – 120V filter pump with a rate of 1500 gallons of water per hour. This will help keep the water clean and hygienic no matter how long you use the water. For additional safety, a ladder comes with the set.

The ladder will help you move in and out of the pool safely and prevent slipping. Aside from the ladder, you also get a durable ground cloth and pool cover. It will take you around an hour to assemble and completely fill it with water.

Noticeable features

  • Premium quality features for added safety
  • With powder-coated frames that won’t rust
  • With an elegant color and design
  • With high walls made of PVC material
  • Comes with a cartridge filter pump
  • With pool ladder, debris/ground cover, and pool cover
  • Ready for use in under an hour
  • Has a capacity of 3,531 gallons of water
  • Available in three shapes
  • Strong frames and material
  • With an elegant design
  • With cartridge filter pump
  • Large water capacity
  • With safety accessories
  • Takes an hour to assemble and fill

5. Intex 8ft x 30in Easy Pool Set

Intex 8ft X 30in Above-Ground Pool Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

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The Intex 8ft x 30in is Easy Set is a large inflatable pool but is slightly smaller than the previous Easy Set model we featured. This set does not require a metal frame to set up and all that’s needed is an air pump to inflate it. It is ready for use in just 10 minutes.

This is a set for two to three people or kids. It can hold a large amount of water at 639 gallons. You can play, relax, float or just laze the day away soaked in this Intex model. The Intex Easy Set comes with a filter pump that is easy to use and install. Just hook the hoses and let the filter clean as you swim and relax.

It is easy to assemble; just lay it out on a level surface and inflate the ring (the section on top of the pool. Fill this with water and enjoy! When you are done, connect the drain plug to a hose and let water flow out naturally. You will also enjoy improved water circulation with the dual suction fittings.

Despite some claims that this is completely safe, some prefer to use an over-the-ground style model with frames to enhance stability. But if you simply want a pool that can accommodate two to three people then this could be it.

Noticeable features

  • Comes with a strong filter pump with 330 gallons per hour water flow rate
  • No need to assemble, just fill with air and this will be ready in 10 minutes
  • With a strong laminated PVC pool walls
  • With a drain plug that will connect to a hose for easy water drainage
  • With a double suction outlet to enhance water circulation and water hygiene
  • Can accommodate 2 to 4 people and 639 gallons of water
  • Will be ready in 10 minutes
  • Easy to fill with air
  • With strong PVC sidewalls
  • With easy drain plug
  • Comes with a filter pump
  • No frames
  • Does not come with an air pump

6. Intex 14ft x 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

INTEX 26719EH Prism Frame Premium Above Ground Swimming Pool Set:14ft x 42in – Includes 1000 GPH...

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The Intex Prism Frame pool set is a large 14ft x 42in a circular-shaped model. This has a strong powder-coated frame with a durable 3-ply liner. It is a large 3,357 gallon above-ground set that will be ready for swimmers in just 45 minutes. It offers an enhanced experience for users because of its size and shape. You can swim, take a few laps, relax on an inflatable device, float around or perform fitness exercises in water.

This does not need an air pump to set up. The large frames keep the sides intact. The frames will never rust or break because it is powder-coated for stability. Your order comes with a filter pump with a 1,000 gallon per hour rate. It will continuously clean water so you can always jump in and play in hygienic water.

You will get a free ladder, cover, and ground cloth when you purchase this Intex set. The ladder lets you climb in and out of the pool safely while the cover maintains the cleanliness of the water. The ground cloth protects it from the ground or soil.

 Noticeable features of this Intex pool

  • With strong, powder-coated frames to prevent rust
  • The liner is a 3-ply material that resists punctures and breaks
  • Comes with a 110 to 120-volt water filter pump with a rate of 1,000 gallons in an hour
  • With a free pool ladder, pool cover, and ground cloth
  • Ready to swim in after 45 minutes
  • With a water capacity of 3,357 gallons
  • Strong frames
  • Durable PVC liner
  • Water filter for clean water
  • With free pump and ladder
  • With a large water capacity
  • Will require major assembly

 What is the best Intex pool in 2023?

When it comes to the best Intex pool of the year, our list points to the Intex 15ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool Set. This has a number of good features to consider: this comes with a very durable metal frame to keep the side walls durable and strong.

The sides are laminated using a reinforced band that will keep the shape perfect. To assemble it will only take you around 45 minutes. It is one of the biggest easy to assemble pools with 4,440 gallons of water.

This comes with a thick ground cover and debris cover that’s a 3-ply material so this can resist the pressures of regular use.

Intex 28241EH 15 Foot x 48 Inch Metal Frame Outdoor Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Filter Pump,...

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This has dual suction outlets to improve water circulation for improved hygiene and water clarity. You will get a cartridge filter pump with a rate of 1,000 gallons per hour. And when it’s time to replace the water, all you need to do is to connect the drain plug to a garden hose to let water can drain away from the pool and house.

This has a lot of good features but there are also some flaws as well. Some customers that have used this pool have remote complaints regarding its quality. Most are concerned that the ground cover or the tarp underneath is simply too thin. This may not be enough to cover the ground or dirt where this should be set up.

Also, it takes time to assemble. Setting up the frames alone can take a lot of your time. But these disadvantages are clearly just natural when you own this kind of pool. Once everything is set, you’ll enjoy the water with your family and friends, you’ll say it was worth the time and effort assembling it.

Why the Intex pool is the best?

There are a number of inflatable and above-ground brands but Intex seems to be the most popular. There are many reasons why Intex is the best and the most –trusted when it comes to inflatable pools.

Intex uses the strongest materials

Intex uses only the most durable materials for its liner, pool body, and frames. The material of all the pool models in our list is made from strong PVC. The frames are mostly galvanized steel powder-coated to prevent rust. Some of the models with frames have interlocking frames that are stronger and will least likely break even when it is used regularly.

Intex pools are designed for large volumes of water

Compared to other brands with only a few hundred gallons of water, Intex has thousands of gallons of water. And every pool lover knows that the deeper and the wider the pool is, the more enjoyable it is.

Intex pools are made to hold a lot of water for maximum enjoyment. They have circular, oval, and rectangular pools that offer users a place to relax, dip, float, and have fun. You can find the Intex series at varying depths and water capacities and these depend on the shape and size of the set.

Intex is all about safety

Intex understands that safety should be the first priority when it comes to above-ground sets. It stresses the safety of users and homeowners who want to construct this kind of pool in their homes.  From the type of material to the design, and the accessories used for inflatable and framed pools, Intex is particular about safety.

Remember to read assembly instructions closely to avoid accidents. Use only compatible Intex accessories like ladders, covers, and liners to ensure safety.  Much like other Intex products, the company is all about safety even with the very small details.

Intex pools have advanced features

Intex now has updated designs. From the water filter to the water drain spout,  you can expect something new which can enhance the use and safety of users. Before, Intex frames that are used to set up large-capacity pools are prone to rust. New Intex models have powder-coated frames to prevent rust from developing.

Intex pools are fun

There’s no doubt that Intex is fun. It has designed its products to offer maximum enjoyment, especially for the whole family. Large sets with frames are perfect for large families to have fun, play water games, and relax.  Smaller-sized Intex pools are also fun and because these inflate fast, it won’t take too long to wait to have water fun.

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Overall Verdict

Intex pools are of the best quality and this is seen from their designs, materials used (the pool body and the frame), and the accessories that come with your purchase. There are many good Intex sets but in this review, the standard Intex 15ft x 48in is the best of the best.

This is the best because it has a durable design, it’s made from strong materials and comes with all the complete accessories you need to use it safely and efficiently. It has a large capacity and for this amount of water, you need a strong design and durable materials which is what this above-ground model can offer.

We recommend the Intex 15ft x 48in pool set for people looking for a pool that fits a small to medium-sized family. With all its good features, we agree that this could be the best pool set that’s right for your needs.

But if you need a larger size pool for a large number of people to enjoy, feel free to check out Intex’s other pool sets. But remember to never overlook the design and safety of the pool over its size. It’s better to use a smaller, safer pool than a risky, large one.

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