Intex Ultra Frame Pool 14×42 Review

Summer is knocking at the door and this season is the best to having fun with family and friends in the pool. If you do not have an above ground pool or seeking a new one then you can check out the Intex ultra frame pool 14×42 since this frame pool comes in the first place in terms of the above ground pool. And this is the most reliable pool name in the industry.

Intex ultra frame pool 14x42 Review

Intex ultra frame pool is well equipped and large enough for the whole family which provides you with start your summer fun right away. This pool is very easy to set up and takes a little time. The material of the pool is sturdy enough which makes it durable. I’ve reviewed Intex ultra frame pool 14×42 to make your best buying decision easier.

Noticeable Main Features of Intex 14×42

  • This beautiful 14ft x 42inch above-ground pool is rust-resistant – the metal frame is powder-coated. And this makes it durable.
  • You will require a little time to set up the intex 14×42 pool, it takes almost 45 minutes to ready for the water.
  • The water capacity of this frame pool is 3,357 gallons.
  • It provides some of the accessories, such as – removable ladder, filter pump, pool cover, and ground cloth.
  • Intex ultra frame pool comes with an instructional DVD.
  • Intex 14×42 ultra frame round pool provides a 1-year limited warranty.

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The FAQ of Intex ultra frame pool 14×42

Q: Does this above ground pool come with clamps and hoses?

Yes, you will get this with the Intex ultra pool.

Q: Over the winter month can I leave this pool up?

Sure, you can leave your pool whole the winter month.

Q: How do you level the ground?

You can use the sand to set up the pool. Remember – never set up your pool directly on the ground.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to install the pool?

No, you do not require any other equipment, the pump runs at 120V which is alone sufficient.

Q: What is the warranty period for this Intex pool?

Intex ultra frame pool 14×42 provides a 1-year of the warranty.

What users are saying about Intex ultra frame pool 14×42

Intex 14' x 42' Ultra Frame Pool Set
Intex 14' x 42" Ultra Frame Pool Set
Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions.

With this swimming pool, customers are satisfied as they can play volleyball in this as well. This is a less expensive pool which is a great deal for the people with a tight budget. It is a rust-resistant above ground pool since the metal of this pool is powder-coated. Also, the metal is high-quality and very sturdy that makes the pool durable. Some of the customers saying they are using their pool for a decade. The Intex pool required a little maintenance.

Compare Intex ultra frame pool 14×42 Vs Summer Waves Elite 14′ x 42″

Both of the Intex and Summer Wave above ground pools are very famous to their customers. They have their own features that make these two pools different from each other. But on the market, Intex is the best above ground pool compared to Summer Wave. Rather than Summer Wave, people show their high satisfaction with the Intex ultra frame pool.

Summer Waves Elite 14' x 42' Premium Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump System And...
Summer Waves Elite 14' x 42" Premium Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump System And...
A/C filter cartridge included with pump; Swimming pool with filter pump has oval-shaped frame tube for durability

Summer Wave is a little bit pricey than Intex Ultra which makes it easy to buy for the people on the budget yet looking the best pool. The durability of a pool is a very important thing to consider, and Intex is durable than Summer Wave. Since the Intex pool use the metal frame that is coated with powdered steel and it prevents the pool from rust. On the other hand, Summer Wave does not coat the metal frame.

If you want to buy the Summer Wave for this summer then you have to pay some extra $ and the pool will not durable. But you can save some money if you choose the Best Intex pool, also, it will last for many summers to come.

Key Features of Intex ultra frame pool 14×42

By this, almost you know everything about this pool, if you are interested to know the features then keep reading the rest of the guide. This will cover the features and the benefits you will get.

Easy Installation

Compared to other above ground pools, Intex provides the easy set up to its users. Approximately you will need 45 minutes to one hour to install this pool. Read the instructions manual or it would be best if you saw the DVD that provides the pool. The DVD will show you everything about how you can set up the pool.

Metal Frame Pool

This pool is made of the metal frame which makes the pool rust-resistant, also, durable. Other pools are not powder-coating but this pool frame provides this feature so that the users can use this pool for many years without rusting issues.

Filter Pump

You will get a filter pump with the Intex ultra frame pool and the pump can run at 110 – 120V. Per hour the pump can pour 1,000 gallons water to the pool since the water flow is in the pool is 750 gallons per hour. The filter pump is easy to install – just hook up the hoses to the pool and enjoy it! It provides the easy-clean filter cartridge.


You do not need to buy a ladder separately as this pool comes with a removal ladder. The steel frame of the ladder is corrosion coated resistant also, it provides slip-resistant steps. You can check the DVD video to know how to attach the ladder to the pool.


Intex ultra frame pool comes with a 1-year of the limited warranty. This pool is made from high-quality materials so you can use the pool for many years to come. Some of the users claimed, they are using their Intex above ground pool for a decade.

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Final Verdict

Recently above ground pools becoming popular to the people as they take a little time to install, and even if you do not have a beach near you, still, you can enjoy the summer swim right in front of your house. Intex ultra frame pool 14×42 is the best pool compared to others and it provides the best performance. You can use this pool for many years to come without any major issues. It is the best above ground and you should buy this.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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