Top 5 Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set 2022

When did you last experience the hot summer days in your backyard’s pool? Or, you may have spent your last summer in your friend’s backyard and now want to have it in your own space for spending happy hours with the family. But without having a look at some of the best above ground pool, you won’t come to experience that fun. So you must have a look at what we will tell you in our reviews about the Intex ultra frame pool.

It is fantastic to spend time and splash water with your kids. But did you ever think how the above ground pool holds the water and pump relentlessly, so you get it in no time? Well, we will let you know every cornerstone of an ideal above ground pool and so let’s get started with the industry leader Intex pool.

Top 5 Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set 2022

Bring on the happy hours in your pool is not accessible, especially when you can eliminate the effort to set the pool up and get it at an affordable cost. To be frank, there are so many of them, and you need to know why you should buy one of them.

Here we sort out the five best Intex ultra frame pools for you.

1. Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set

If you are in search of a high-grade material adaption to make your pool fence more strengthen, then it is high time to think about the Intex ultra frame pool set. It is highly durable due to the steel frames, and the powder coating is an added advantage to avoid rust or corrosion. The ultra frame not only ensures durability but also showcases beauty as well. Hence it can easily tie up the 14ft x 42in circumference.

Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover
Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover
Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions

Key features

  • It comes with the stainless steel durable frames which are added with the powder coating for ensuring rust resistance
  • After snapping the filter pump, you will get the whole water supply in just 45 minutes
  • The dual suction outlet fittings improve the water circulation along with ensuring water hygiene and clarity
  • Ensure the 90% of water capacity that is totaling the 3,357 gallons
  • The filter pump generates up to 1,000 GPH which is adequate to fill the pool within the quickest possible time

After taking into consideration of the strength and durability, we find the great engineering of this pool. It snaps the Krystal clear cartridge filter pump at airtight mode for that; you are getting the sparkling water in just 45 minutes. To pervade the healthy pool surface, it comes with dual suction outlet fittings aids to improve the water circulation and filter it as well. So, you will hygienic space in your pool and stay calm.

Intex ultra frame pool 14×42 is easy to set up in your backyard and beauty looks on a wonderful shiny day. The pool holds almost 90% of the water of its water which is a total of 3,357 gallons. The cartridge filter pump is powerful enough to generate 1000 GPH using 110 to 120 Volt.

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2. Intex 16ft X 48in Ultra Frame XTR Pool Set

Intex 16ft X 48in Ultra XTR Pool Set is a great choice for a family of 7 to enjoy sunbathing in the backyard. The good reason to have it in the sand filter that kicks out the sand if it pervades. And, for extending the strength, you will find the frame as galvanized steel with the locking system, which ensures the overall stability and quality both. The dual suction ensures maximum water clarity and keeps your hygiene.

Key features

  • Intex ultra xtr pool comes with a galvanized steel frame that keeps it firm and durable
  • The encapsulating inner and outer powder coating avoids rust and corrosion
  • The powerful sand filter can easily pump 1,200 GPH, and you can get water in the pool shortly
  • It holds 5,061 gallons of water and to fill that amount of water; it takes just 45 minute
  • The ground cloth is durable enough and covers the surface of 16.5ft.

Not only rely on the galvanized steel but also, the powder coating finally makes it worthy of sale. As a result, it becomes the ultimate pool that would resist the rust to come in. Now come to the core feature of it that is a sand filter pump, which has a good flow rate up to 1,200 GPH. The removable ladder ensures the hi-impact slip-resistance step, and the height is about 48in. The debris cover comes with the product, keep tie with the rope to avoid blowing off

Keep in mind; it is not a traditional filter pump that won’t kick out the sand. But here with this sand filter, it ensures avoiding the sand and keep the pool hygiene. To ease up the pool setup, it comes with the pool ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. No worries, to set it up quickly and to know how to sort it out, you will find the DVD so handy.

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3. Intex 32 Foot Ultra XTR

The rectangular shape of the above ground pool looks amazing and great for family fun. Intex ultra XTR rectangular pool 32 foot is one of them that brings the deluxe maintenance kit to set the pool in great order. The outer appearance is with grey liner, and the inside of it is blue tile print makes it classy and looks clean.

Intex 26377EH 32ft x 16ft x 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Swimming Pool with 28003E Maintenance Kit,...
Intex 26377EH 32ft x 16ft x 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Swimming Pool with 28003E Maintenance Kit,...
DIMENSIONS: (L x W x D): 32 x 16 x 4.3 feet; Water capacity at 90% is 14,364 gallons

Key features

  • Intex Rectangular Pool Ultra XTR 32ft has an exclusive maintenance kit that keeps it easy to set up
  • The powerful Intex sand filter pump lasts for at least five years and eliminates the buy another one
  • It ensures 2800 Gallons per hour and brings the sparkling and clear hygiene water
  • It requires a flat level ground for the installation and to ensure this it comes with the ground cover
  • To set up or assemble it, one needs to give effort for 90 minutes

As it is a good shape of the ground pool, so it requires cleaning off and on. For that, you can easily maintain it with the sand by the routing backwashing. It is far more durable than you can imagine for that, you only need to think about another pool, not before 5 years.

The main attention of it is the easy setup that won’t give you much effort and only require 90 minutes. This big size pool needed to have 2800 GPH, and the sand filter pump ensures it, so no worries. Besides, it comes with the debris cover and the ground cloth. The sand filter eliminates the cost of buying other expensive filters.

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4. Intex Ultra Frame Xtra 18ft x 18ft x 52in

Intex 18 x 52 ultra Xtr pool comes with a perfect oval shape that looks great on the ground, and the good thing is you will get all the kit included. When you set it up, then you find the steel frame team up with the galvanization aids to the extra strength. After the galvanized steel, we find it has powder coating at the inner and the outer surface for that it can avoid rusting.

Key features

  • No need to buy any kit as Intex Ultra Xtra has a set of pool cleaning kit
  • It comes with the Hydro Aeration Technology that ensures the crystal clear filtration process
  • Extra durable sand filter pump run for five years and no need for replacement before that period
  • It is made of highly durable galvanized steel and stays firm while you set up
  • It is a rust-free above ground pool as the inner and outer spaces are powder coating

When it comes to the filtration process, we believe you should get your hands on it for having the Hydro Aeration technology. It paves the way to get more crystal water in your pool and have more fun. The kits are really handy indeed.

To ease up the cleaning, it has a lightweight telescoping pole made of aluminum. The rest of them aids in bringing out the debris and easy to snap in the head of that pole. The vacuum has a versatile use as it connects the garden hose and snaps on the reusable debris bag. Hence getting the amount of water would be easy at the same time clean that water as well.

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5. Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set, 16-Feet by 48-Inch

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set has a unique shape with a 16-Feet by 48-Inch ultra frame pool set. The soft gray laminated pool liner looks great in your backyard. And, when you jump onto the pool, it looks like a real pool for the blue tile interior print. The steel frame is durable enough to withstand huge gallons of water, and it slips and locks at great ease as well.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set, 16-Feet by 48-Inch

Key features

  • Intex 16ft ultra frame pool has a good quality set of steel frames that easily slip and lock together.
  • It comes with the blue water tile print that impacts the fashionable and stylish appearance
  • The Krystal clear sand filter pump has a powerful 12,00 GPH, which corrects the water supply
  • It is easy to assemble that takes an hour for a man alone
  • The pool pervaded with the 5,061 gallons of water, and it comes with the ground cover and a ladder

The worthy reason to get it is for its outstanding appearance, at the same time the great strength which is only provided by Intex pool. By the way, when you get started with the filter pump, then you will be getting the 12,00 Gallons Per Hour, which is a good standard water supply.

The filter pump not only delivers the correct water flow but also, ensures sparkling and hygienic water supply. Having a bath on a hot summer day will be fun with crystal clear water. The setup is so easy, and to make this; you don’t even need to level the ground. Also, the assembling work is quite easy, and it takes an hour only when you get your hands on it alone.

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Valuable Information About  Intex ultra frame pool

You have already come to know some of the best pool deals. Now you will slip into the deep cornerstone. It’s about some hacks that you barely come to know before buying a pool. Well, we know there are so many parts and consist of them we get an above ground pool, right?

Not all the parts come to our expectations, and when it arrives only if we get to know of it. What happens if we share some of them, and so you can settle it before bringing it home?

Sounds great! The first thing is to have the proper setup, depending on your pool size you may need to spend your time for assembling. But we recommend you with some kit/accessories that some of the pool comes with. It means when the pool arrives you, since when you can start doing fun!

Now about the filter, well having the proper filter is alone a big deal as it is the larger part of your Pool that costs high. Hence, look at the warranty, if it is more then years then good to go. Keep in mind, buying a cheap pool that has a low-quality filter pump is a great loss as you need to buy another in the coming up year.


Intex ultra frame pool is now become a sensation to its users, as it offers versatile shapes and sizes that fit for maximum above ground pool lovers. The filter pump of the Intex has a great lifespan, which is the key reason to bring it. More or less it lasts for 5 years or even more so you won’t need to buy a product this year and replace the pump next year. Now, depending on the pool shape or size, you can choose any of these Top 5 Intex ultra frame pools in 2022.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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