Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Review

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac is the best alternative for the gears and wheels. The flapper of it collects more debris whereas, others miss to bring them into the filtration bag.

Now guess what benefit you will have with the flapper of it? Well, you can minimize the maintenance at the same time it really lasts long.

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Review

Secondly, the random collection of the debris of it ensures every surface to come under the cleaning process. However, other cleaner following by the cleaning pattern susceptible to keep some areas untouched.

Let’s show you first the main features before make it elaborate on Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Review

  • It comes with the superior hydraulic system that delivers the optimum vacuuming power
  • The flapper seems to be only one operational and effective moving part, no gears or wheels so no replace or services
  • Team up with the free skimming valve that regulates the water flow automatically and cleans out maximum surface debris
  • True random pattern coverage ensures every area of pool surface thoroughly vacuumed

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FAQ About The Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac

Q. Does it work perfectly with the large rectangular shape pool?

Yes, it can. It can do the same cleaning work whether it comes to the oval shape pool or the rectangular. However, you may need to replace the hose with the bigger one, normally it comes with the 32 ft size.

Q. Does Pentair K50600 clean any inground pool?

Yes, it is but there is one hack you need to know. Cleaning with inground pool with this flapper good to go except the ladders. In that case, you may need to pull out the ladders and then make sure to clean the whole surface including it.

Q. Does Pentair K50600 clean the walls also, and what about a specific pattern cleaning?

No, it is only for the above ground pool only. But unlike, any robot cleaner that cleans out the debris following the pattern, it doesn’t follow that. Instead of that, it goes across every area of your pool.

What users are saying about Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac

It doesn’t come with so many parts but what it has been performing. According to the user’s review, most of them believe that it is very easy to install. On the other hand, they can easily navigate it around the wrinkles, ladders, steps, and corners. There is no way to stuck between in navigation that parts. The main reason to have it is the cleaning performance so once it has done with cleaning it really means so. Last but not least, the final words from the users is with durability. Many users claim that it lasts for many years without eliminating performance.

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner Blue/White
Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner Blue/White
Superior hydraulic design for optimum vacuuming power; True random pattern coverage makes sure every inch of pool floors are thoroughly vacuumed

Compare Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac vs Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000

Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 considered being the best suction side pool cleaner due to the advanced suction side cleaning performance. The main sucking up portion where it takes out the debris is quite smaller than the Pentair K50600.

Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
WHAT'S INCLUDED: G3 Suction Pool Cleaner, 39' Push-Fit Feed Hose

Both of them may come with one moving parts but they are not operating in the same way. Pentair has a big flapper and it has more power, whereas the Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 is a low-speed pump cleaner that has wheel deflector. The wheel deflector is more performing then the flapper as it can reach any tight corners. However, due to the low pumping and less powerful, it may fail to cover a big inground pool.

Key Features of the Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac

Hydraulic design

It comes with a powerful hydraulic design for that it has a patented bumper strap. With this, you can now explore your pool cleaning without facing obstacles from walls and steps. So far we know, it is the only cleaner in the market that prevents pool surface destroying.

Automatic free skimming

It automatically operates the water flow along with the accurate cleaning speed. At the same time skimming the surface collecting debris. The flapper helps to gather them and send them back to the debris back. During the operation of free skimming neither the water flow regulating nor the skimming the surface come to stop.

Random pattern coverage

The main feature of it is to collect the debris without following any pattern. Normally, regular cleaner usually follows one certain pattern so sometimes some area remains untouched or uncovered. Hence, it can easily go every nook and corner of your pool, collect the pool and make your pool absolutely clean.

Easy to install

Where most of the pool cleaners come with lots of gadgets and gear, it has minimized to that and only has one moving part, the flapper. Therefore, it seems easy to install for most of the users, at the same time one of the lightest pool cleaner ever.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

while in-depth researching on it, we find the most exciting feature is having the hydraulic design. It paves the way for effective and powerful vacuum functioning. The performance is with the flapper, when most of the cleaners have different moving parts like the gears and wheels, it has just the one single part. On the other hand, when other cleaners struggle to go all the hard to reach areas the flapper nailed it. It can go through the different patterns and adjust with any types of pool surface as well. Due to the free skimming valve, it can regulate the water flow with immersive cleaning speed. As a result, it collects debris and skims the pool’s surface at a time.

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Final Verdict

Looking for the best pressure-side pool cleaner requires some advance feature and Pentair K50600 has it under the hood. But keep in mind it is for the ground of the pool, not the walls. For that, it comes with less equipment and the price? Obviously, it is far more affordable than the cleaner that comes with wheels and gears. So, when setting up an in-ground pool this one will collect the debris better than wheel rolling cleaner,

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