Pentair LL505G Legend Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner Review

Swimming pools are great! They are an amazing addition to your backyard, which helps to accentuate the aesthetic appeal. Everybody loves a swimming pool. But, not everybody likes cleaning one. Swiping a swimming pool clean is a mean task. Traditionally, it used to require complex machinery, a lot of effort, and a significant amount of time to maintain a pool. Not anymore. With the company’s latest, Pentair LL505G makes pool cleaning simpler and more convenient than ever. Pentair’s flagship, the LL505G, is a four-wheeled, compact inground pool cleaner weighing about 22.7 pounds.

Pentair LL505G Review
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The hydrodynamic body design coupled with a four-wheel chassis yields a high degree of stability to the cleaner and eliminates the common problem of tipping. Unlike other three-wheeled units that have to deal with compromised stability, the Pentair LL505G’s balanced system provides efficient cleaning by disposing of any system imbalances and interruptions.

Its front-wheel-drive offers considerable power to carry out in-pool cleaning within 3 hours. The treaded traction tires provide a superior grip that enables the LL505G to tackle and clean inclined surfaces without any loss in balance. It houses a large collection bag to pick and store debris of varying sizes; from large particles to even leaves and twigs. This cleaning capability is complemented by the LL505G’s large throat intake. The high pressure generated courtesy to its booster pump sucks in dirt and is capable of cleaning a pool within 1-3 hours.

Features and Benefits of the Pentair LL505G

Pentair LL505G Review
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Compact Design:
The Pentair LL505G measures 23.5X23.5X11 inches and weighs approximately 22.7 pounds. Its compact design yields a higher degree of maneuverability to the system, aiding inefficient cleaning.

Debris Storage:
The LL505G boasts a high-capacity cleaning bag. It is designed to collect debris of varying sizes; from dirt to twigs and leaves to pebbles.

Cleaning Convenience:
The cleaning bag is fitted at the top of the unit. It can be easily detached to regularly clean the innards of the bag and free it of the collected debris. The bag comes with a twisting lock design for a firm fixture.

The LL505G is powered by a front-wheel-drive which keeps the unit mobile. It offers agility to clean the pool with effective power control.

It sports a four-wheel body that yields efficient balance to the unit. It eliminates the possibility of tipping which is commonly faced in machines with 3 wheels.

The LL505G’s four treaded wheels offer a superior grip compared to other cleaners. This makes it capable of traversing inclined surfaces in the pool for thorough cleaning.

Scrubbing Capability:
Pentair’s LL505G features a set of scrubbers in the back of the unit. These tail additions help to scrub off dirt and debris stuck to the pool walls or bottom. The freed dirt is then vacuumed in.

Vacuum Capacity:
The LL505G’s peripheral booster pump produces a strong vacuum capability to suck loose debris into the cleaning bag. The large throat enhances the intake and allows the suction of large and small debris alike.

The LL505G’s front-wheel drive and power make it capable of cleaning large pools in 1-3 hours as opposed to other devices that take a lot more time.

Back Valve:
It houses a back-pressure valve for relief. This valve is actuated every 3.5 minutes to dispense water jets from the back. This prevents the LL505G from getting stuck near stairs or compromised limited space areas.

Visual Appeal:
The LL505G is available in grey and white colors.

It can be used on pool surfaces made of concrete, tiles, and vinyl-lined.

Pros And Cons


  • The lightweight makes it more convenient and simpler to handle and operate.
  • The booster pump offers high speed for efficient and quick cleaning within 3 hours.
  • The high-capacity cleaning bag can store a significant quantity of debris and offers ease of maintenance due to its dynamic locking mechanism.
  • Superior traction makes it capable of cleaning inclined surfaces in the pool.


  • The tail hose of Pentair’s LL505G is rather long. This causes it to tangle if the unit is driven in an unorganized manner. The hose can, however, be trimmed according to personal preference.
  • It requires a peripheral booster pump to generate vacuum power. It is available externally for purchase.

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User Opinion about the Pentair Legend LL505G

Most customers who have reviewed the Legend LL505G on the internet after using it, personally have found the device performance more than satisfactory. Many consumers were using Polaris in-ground pool cleaners before they switched to the Pentair pool cleaner Legend. The difference in performance has made the users extremely glad of their decision.

Most users have used the Pentair LL505G for more than a couple of years without having to spend a lot of time and money on maintaining them. They are happy with the enhanced lifespan of the product and its low maintainability.

They found the capacity of the cleaning bag sufficient for their regular needs. A Velcro strap and ring kept the bag vertical in orientation and thus, did not interfere in the cleaner’s operations. The ease of dumping dirt and debris from the cleaning bag is another feature loved by most users.

The users found that the front-wheel-drive provides the four-wheeled chassis with enough power to clean the pool completely.

Customers experimented that the Legend LL505G could clean a 30,000-gallon pool within 3 hours to 98% efficiency. Customers find the Pentair better constructed than the fellow Polaris machines. According to their experience, a Polaris cleaner has compromised stability and if it hits a wall, it gets stuck; whereas the Pentair LL505G offers stabilized performance without getting stuck due to its periodic back-pressure valve for relief.

Although the required maintenance is low, the users found the spare parts rather expensive. The customers were convinced with the LL505G’s cleaning capability, but they found that the foam scrubbers at the tail get worn out pretty quickly and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Some users found the locking mechanism a little inconvenient since some of the dirt would spill while unlocking the twist design.

My experience with the Pentair Legend LL505G

The Legend is by far the best in-ground pool cleaner I have used. I started off with a Polaris pool cleaner since that is what my pool company recommended to go with. Probably the worst decision I could have made! Especially with something like the Legend available in the market. Unlike most side-pressure pool cleaners, the LL505G provided me with splendid suction performance to clean my pool and free it of leaves, twigs, and even seeds.

Pentair LL505G Review
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The cleaning bag is relative of much higher capacity than the others and it suited well with my purpose. I did not need to clean it every day, but on a regular, periodic basis. I had to use a water hose to clear the finer grit from the bag. This is the only inconvenience I faced with the cleaning process.

I found the installation and set-up very easy. The company manual provided simple steps to get my machine together. My pool is rather oddly shaped, but this was no problem as the Pentair LL505G could clean most of the debris from behind the stairs and tight corners without getting stuck too often. If it did, the periodic back valve powered it back into action.

I faced a few problems with the hose since it would get entangled during operation. I tried trimming the hose according to my desired size but had issues fixing the truncated hose back firmly into the unit. The Legend has not posed any real operational problems (fingers crossed) yet but it has still surpassed the durability of my previous cleaners.

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Is the Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly worthy enough for your pool?

Are you frustrated with the massive time consumption involved in effectively cleaning your pool? Are you plagued with instances of your pool cleaner getting stuck in tight spots? The Legend LL505G packs in a lot of features that are equivocally designed to combat these issues. The four-wheeled body provides ultimate stabilization that can help you clean your pool within as short a duration as 3 hours unlike other machines in the market.

Its side-pressure prowess will give you ease of operation since the LL505G can clean tight corners without getting stuck in the pool. The efficient back-pressure valve makes sure your cleaner is up and running always. The booster pump will offer you enough suction power to clear out all kinds of debris from your pool with maximum efficiency.
With a cleaning bag housing of considerable capacity of debris, your routine of emptying and cleaning the suction kit is sure to go for a toss.

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Final Verdict

With a modest price tag, the Pentair LL505G promises and delivers a ton of best-in-class features to equip you with the power and ease of cleaning your pool without a large monetary and time investment. The super-fluid operation will clean your pool in less than 2 hours. Check out your Legend LL505G now! It is time to treat you and your pool to something legendary.

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