Summer Waves elite pool 16×48 Reviews

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Summer Waves Elite 16’x48 Frame Pool is for them who want to see their pool stronger, better and durable in the long-run. Having the metal frame in its arsenal outweighs many of its competitors. Also, it brings an excellent set of kits to make your pool maintenance easier. This is a perfect choice for your backyard pool decoration with the neutral colors and mosaic tiles, all of it feels like a posh above ground pool.

Summer Waves Elite 16'x48 Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System

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The manufacturer beautifully designs it as sturdier construction with the PVC pipe so it can easily hold 6000 gallons of water. For the easy access of the debris to the filter pump, it has SFX1500 SkimmerPlus, and other accessories are also in the package. More interestingly, you are getting the ladder while purchasing it so no need to spending some extra cash at all.

Still there are so many hacks on this above ground pool and we are going to fix them all, but before digging deep into Summer waves pool Reviews, let’s see what are the main features.

Noticeable Features

  • Summer waves elite pool 16ft comes with complete kits that a pool required for maintenance including ladder, skimmer, cover and ground cloth
  • Stronger than traditional pools as supported by the extra-strong metal frames
  • It showcases with the neutral colors along with the mosaic tiles and leaves wow feeling experience
  • The filter pump is powerful enough to bring 5212 gallons of water

The FAQ of summer waves elite pool 16×48 reviews

Q: How can I install it on concrete?

You can install it on any surface but you need to bear the risk of puncturing and so we recommend you not to put on concrete as you know there are some sharp edges there.

Q: How many gallons it can hold?

It can hold up to 5212

Q: Do I need to upgrade the filter pump?

If you want to kick out the sand out of it then you can upgrade it to the sand filter pump unless the filter pump has no falters to do so.

Q: May I set up a wooden deck around this pool?

Yes, you can and so many of you are building a nice wooden deck, but make sure it won’t come to touch the pool at all.

What users are saying about summer waves elite pool 16×48

Summer Waves Elite 16'x48 Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System

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Finding the real user offline is tiresome, and time-consuming but we fortunately able to do so. Meet many pool enthusiasts and make friends with them and finally bring out the cat out of the bag. All of them started using it for the amazing appearance of the mosaic tiles look floor, and as it comes with the whole kits that a pool needs.

However, some of them need to upgrade the filter with the sand filter as it is not included with the package. About 2 people in 8 complain that there are some parts are made cheaply especially the skimmer does not work fully efficiently. How it doesn’t mean it is a bad investment for them.

Compare summer waves elite pool 16×48 vs Intex 16ft X 48in Ultra XTR Pool

If you have already read the above main features then you must come to know what are the major pieces of stuff summer waves pool 16×48 has to run an above ground pool. And now to make a difference with the Intex pool that has somewhat the same shapes and size. However, there are differences between them, so what are they?

Intex 26325EH Ultra XTR Pool Set, 16ft X 48in, Grey
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  • DESIGN: Contemporary design adds beauty to any backyard thanks to a dark gray laminated pool liner,...
  • FEATURES: Includes Intex Krystal Clear Sand filter pump and HydroAeration technology to help keep...

First off, the Summer waves fail to add the sand filter pump and you must know the hacks if you read a couple of reviews before. But Intex brings the sand filter with the Ultra XTR Pool. Now, what Intex skips with this model? Yes, the skimmer is the thing which Intex Ultra XTR doesn’t have but the summer waves elite pool comes with this stuff.

The number of gallons almost the same and the differences would be so little to describe. The index a bit less of the summer waves elite pool and it has 5061 gallons whereas the summer wave has a water capacity of  5212 gallons.

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Key features of summer waves elite pool 16×48

All-inclusive kit

The main reason to buy this pool for almost everyone is to have the complete accessories that a pool required to run including the ladder especially. You can set it on the ground and when you don’t swim cover it up as it offers you with it. You will have the cleaning equipment handy and also need to purchase them as well. So if you not only buy an above ground pool but also buy the whole bags of pool equipment then this one is for you right away.

Sturdy construction

Summer waves elite pool frame is made of a good quality metal frame that supports the whole water reservoir with thousand gallons of water. And, don’t think so the manufacturer will bring flimsy frame and grab the market or win the hearts of buyers. Obviously, its parts are with better engineering processes that keep you safe and sound within the man-made water tank.

Filteration system

The filtration system is not that up to the mark for some set of buyers who opt for the sand filtration. Yes, this is true it is behind serving with the sand filtration. However, for an above ground pool with such 16×48 ft shape, pool experts never recommend that to have it mandatorily. On the flip side, adding another feature may make it expensive so it is a tricky hack why you are not getting this. By the way, a skimmer is a plus for the consolation and you are getting this feature.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

It is hard to describe it indeed as the pool is designed not for all types of pool enthusiasts. The features are in a limited order and there are lackings as well. As a limited size pool, it is good to go whatever you are going to have, all you need to ensure whether it is going to be perfect for the small pack of swimmers or not.

Summer Waves Elite 16'x48 Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System

Many of the reviewers find the flaw with the sand filter, as it doesn’t have it. From our perspective, we don’t find it is important if you put this on open ground and keep it covered while you are not using it. In that case, you don’t feel the essence of sand filter with it. Fortunately, you are going to have whole bags of kit so you don’t even look for another.

Final verdict

Using an above ground pool is for the limited pool enjoyment. Also, it is not a complete pool entertainment so it is obvious to see some falters. Therefore, you can find them with the summer waves elite pool 16×48. But what you can have is to become a proud pool owner at your backyard with all the accessories a pool needs to run. If your family wants to have some refreshment with water splashing around the pool today then tomorrow you can make an order of it.

Summer Waves Elite 16'x48 Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System
  • Uniquely shaped frames that are stronger than traditional metal frame pools
  • Complete accessory kits included to make pool maintenance easier and more enjoyable
  • Beautifully designed using neutral colors and mosaic tiles

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