Top 5 Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews 2022

Summer Waves elite pool will step up your swimming game by providing all the essential things you need to set up your swimming pool in your backyard quickly. Summer Waves goes through a lot of research and development to come up with super durable and easy to assemble pool products for its users. The brand has an excellent reputation for offering you quality pool products within your budget.

Summer Waves comes with a wide range of various cost-effective and quality pool products that only a few brands can offer you. They have distinctive uniqueness in the design, color, and shape of the pool products. So you will have a lot of options to choose from their enriched product lines. In this writing, we have discussed 5 different pool models to make your search easy.

Top 5 Summer Waves Elite Pool 2022

If you are not happy with your previous pool model or you want a quality pool from a reputed brand, you certainly can try any of the Summer waves elite pools without any tension. After going through the details of each model, you will understand why you should consider their pools. So let’s get started to know every ins and outs of Summer waves pool products.

1. Summer Waves Elite Frame Pool (18ft x 48in)

Summer Waves (18ft x 48in) elite pool is for those who want to spend the hot summer cooling off and have fun at the same time. This model comes with a complete set up that you need to swim in a pool. The entire body of this pool is made of durable and heavy-duty metal frame that ensures higher durability.

Key Features

  • The steel frame of the pool is galvanized and rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The construction is made of triple layers of polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material
  • It includes useful pool cover, ground cloth, deluxe maintenance kit, and a lot more.
  • The ground cloth and fitted pool cover keep your pool clean and safe for years after years.
  • Very easy to set up and store after every use.

The model can hold 6,660 gallons of water with massive space inside to make you swimming more enjoyable with your family members or friends. You only need less than 60 minutes to get it ready, and the setup process is very effortless. The skimmerPlus filter pump has the filtering capability to give you a fresh and clean environment.

The SureStep ladder of this pool will make your entry and exit so comfortable and safe that you’ll never want to get out of the pool. The ladder is also made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. The quick-connect system, incredibly strong sidewalls, and higher capacity have made this model one of the best above ground pools.

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2. Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Do you want to bring a lot of family fun and relaxation for every member to your backyard with a super performing swimming pool? Then Summer Waves Elite Pool 18×52 is for you as it ensures everything you need to have fun, remove stress, forget pain, etc.

Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package, 18-ft Round x 52-in Deep
Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package, 18-ft Round x 52-in Deep
Affordable soft-side frame pool; Features skimmer plus filtration system. Holds 7,700 Gal; Sturdy ladder with safety barrier

Key Features

  • The model comes with a skimmer plus filtration system to ensure fresh and clean water and the environment inside.
  • It includes a built-in chlorinator that helps you keep your water clean and safe.
  • The soft-sided metal pool frame can give you adequate support and a soft feel.
  • It includes a variety of different maintenance kits such as vac hose, telepole, vacuum head, leaf skimmer, etc.
  • The ladder and pool covers are made of high-quality material that lasts for a long time.

The frame of this pool is 80% stronger than any other traditional model in the market. The quick-assemble advantage of the model will let you set it up instantly just after you feel like having swimming. The construction of the pool walls and inner layer polyester mesh is so robust that it will give you extra support.

The model has the capacity of holding 7,700 gallons of water with wide and deep sides, so you just get the fun of swimming at the beach. The sturdy ladder of this pool comes with a safety barrier, so there is no possibility of unexpected slipping or falling. The added safety and comfort features have made this safe to use for your child or older family member.

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3. Summer Waves Elite (16’x48) Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System

Summer Waves Elite (16’x48) Frame Pool comes with uniquely shaped frames that have more strength than any other traditional metal frame pool. The construction of the pool wall is very sturdy, and it ensures you longer usability with superior performance. No matter how rough and tough you use it, you will get the same outstanding support inside.

Summer Waves Elite 16'x48 Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System
Summer Waves Elite 16'x48 Frame Pool with SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System
Uniquely shaped frames that are stronger than traditional metal frame pools; Complete accessory kits included to make pool maintenance easier and more enjoyable

Key Features

  • An attractive interior wall with blue and white mosaic print increases the beauty of the pool.
  • The deluxe maintenance kit includes a vacuum head and hose, leaf skimmer, telepole, pool cover, and a lot more.
  • The ground cloth protects your yard and pool bottom wonderfully.
  • It contains an easy and supportive entry and exit ladder.
  • Setting up the pool is very easy, and anyone of your family member can do that without any difficulty.

The sidewalls of this pool are made of durable 3-ply polyester material that prevents puncture or damage to the pool. As a result, you can use it without any tension year after year. The maintenance cost of the summer waves elite pool is very low, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain the pool.

The model contains the Skimmer Plus filter pump system that ensures better pumping of water and keeps the internal environment and water fresh and clean. The water pumping capacity of the pump is quite high. By utilizing different maintenance kits, you will be able to use this pool according to your preferred setup.

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4. Summer Waves All Round 24ft x 52in Elite Frame Pool with Wicker Print Exterior

Summer Waves All Round 24ft x 52in Elite Frame Pool is another great model that offers you ample space and depth inside the pool so you can gather your whole family members to have a pleasant swimming time. The set up of this pool is so easy that you don’t need to put a lot of effort or you needn’t have any special skills to set the pool up.

Key Features

  • It comes with a quick and easy setup feature to let you have an effortless operation.
  • The exterior is of dark Tripplebasketweave, and the interior is of mosaic tile.
  • It includes the necessary setup and maintenance kits that you need.
  • The filter pump is highly capable of filtering water to ensure a clean and fresh environment.
  • The storing of the pool is also quick and easy after every use.

The sturdy construction of this pool is so durable and perfect that you will not need to spend a lot of money for the maintenance of the pool. The top ring of the pool is also well constructed and get an air pump easily. The support you will get from the sidewalls will give you a safe and comfortable feel.

The ladder of this summer waves elite wicker pool is nicely shaped and will provide a better user experience by preventing any unintentional slip or fall. The platform of the ladder is highly supportive, and it can hold more weight. While you jump into the pool from the ladder top, you will get a comfortable balance.

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5. Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package, 12′ x 24′

This model of Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool by Summer Waves is a little bit high-end pool product that is constructed by heavy gauge PVC that is reinforced with a polyester mesh inner layer. The whole construction and sidewalls of the pool are made of durable materials, so it ensures long-lasting durability.

Key Features

  • It includes different useful pool kits such as vacuum head and hose, leaf skimmer, telepole, pool cover, and others.
  • The Skimmer Plus filter includes an effective basket that allows you to clean the pool surface easily.
  • The internal cartridge of the filter contains a built-in chlorinator.
  • The setup process takes a few minutes only and you don’t require special skills to do that.
  • It can hold more water with a capacity of 7900 gallons.

The model contains an A-shaped pool ladder that is very useful during your pool session. This ladder is made of high-quality material that is very strong to support you. Apart from this, it also protects you from accidental slipping or falling from the pool top or platform.

The water holding capacity of the model is comparatively higher than any other model on this list. The space inside the pool is sufficient for enjoying the pool for all of your family members. This pool comes with a superior Skimmer Plus filtration system. It provides full-surface skimming to help you keep your pool free from leaves and bugs.

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Why Summer Waves Elite Pools are best?

Summer Waves was able to change your perception of swimming in your backyard pool since its launch in the market. They offer all the pool products that are made of durable and high-quality PVC, 3-ply polyester mesh, and long-lasting plastics. So you will get the full assurance of quality and long durability. You will also get added support from any of their models.

The brand also offers you a lot of maintenance kits so you can easily maintain your pool without costing money. They offer high-quality filter pumps that are made by following advanced technology. Their pool models are so polished shaped that you don’t have any tension of slipping the water out. With superior performance and comfort, you will get a better swimming experience.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have already come to know why Summer waves elite pool products are the best choice for you. Actually, the features and benefits you will get are not comparable to other brands. With a unique shape, design, color, performance, various maintenance kits, and a lot more, you will simply experience the best swimming.

If you want to get quality with a better performance at an affordable price, we would recommend you Summer Waves 16ft x 48in Above Ground Frame Pool. With an easy and quick setup, you will have a pleasant moment with your family members using this pool.

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