Summer Waves Pool 18×52 Review

Summer waves pool 18×52 has a moderate shape of above ground pool with so many stunning features and to have the heavy gauge PVC composite material in its arsenal is the key reason to purchase it. Furthermore, it gives you space to swim with a sturdy ladder along with the safety barrier.

Summer waves pool 18x52 Review

This is quite a large shape of choice for your big family pool enjoyment within affordable prices. The construction is up to the mark, as the PVC composite materials are supported with the inner layer of polyester mesh, hence you are getting the superior strength.

It is quite easy to maintain as the skimmer basket can be easily removed off and so you can clean the surface at the interval of your swimming. Now guess, what features are coming up next? To know and grab them all make sure you read the whole Summer waves pool Reviews here.

Noticeable Features

  • Summer waves elite 18 ft comes with the durable ladder with safety barrier
  • It has whole bags of kit for maintenance and for setting up a new above ground pool
  • The filtration system includes the skimmer plus so it ensures better water circulation
  • It is a good size of the water tank as it can hold water up to 7,700 Gal
  • Reinforced with the superior inner layer of polyester mesh for the better durability and strength

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The FAQ of summer waves pool 18×52

Q: How many gallons of water does it hold?

It can hold up to 7,700 gallons of water that takes a few hours to come in.

Q: What volt of electric plug does it require?

The filter pump required 110 volts to run immersively

Q: Can I put this on concrete?

Technically yes, and for that we recommend you to set the cushioned puzzle-like pieces that are common for the playgrounds underneath.

Compare summer waves pool 18×52 vs Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

You can see that both of these above ground pools have somewhat the same size and the design as well. Notwithstanding, the similar size, there are some differences between the summer waves pool 18×52 and the Intex 18ftx52, and the main difference set on the  Krystal clear sand filter pump. The Intex brings the sand filter pump and the summer waves don’t have it in their arsenal.

Now, what is the stuff that Intex fails to bring on? Well, it is about the maintenance kit so when you have the summer waves pool then you are getting the kit but you are not getting them with Intex. Intex does not have the skimmer whereas, summer waves pool 18×52 comes with the skimmer plus that is functioning for kicking out the debris

What users are saying about summer waves pool 18×52

Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package, 18-ft Round x 52-in Deep
Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package, 18-ft Round x 52-in Deep
Affordable soft-side frame pool; Features skimmer plus filtration system. Holds 7,700 Gal; Sturdy ladder with safety barrier

We have surveyed some real users, and we find them quite satisfactory. However, some of them claim they will in need of the sand filter as the skimmer won’t enough to gather the sand. Aside from a few negative critiques, we find it a good deal for the above ground pool enthusiasts. Moving into the positive remarks from the buyers, we assure you that the skimmer plus is the great ad-on. More or less every user love to have this in this price tag, and for that, they can enjoy the better filtration of it.

Key features summer waves pool 18×52

Durable set up

It is engineered with the T joint which enables it for easy assembling. For that, you can push on the buttons in every attachment and bring it apart. The summer waves elite pool offer its users to have a durable set up with the metal frame. It is an affordable choice as a soft-side frame pool. The metal frames are in a great form with the safety barrier so when you are inside of it would be safe and sound. Furthermore, the ladder also comes as a great order, made of steel and lasts for many months of heavy-duty.

Filteration process

it comes with the superior filtration process and guesses why is that? Well, having the filter pump alone does not make it through also, it comes with the skimmer which ensures better-enhanced cleaning. The skimmer basket also easy to remove and clean the debris. In your skimmer plus system, you can set the 1-inch of chlorine tablets and then add this to the cartridge to see them safe and clean water.

Easy maintenance

Every pool required to maintain whether a lot or to some extent. The same thing happen with the above ground pool, and in terms of its shape, the hurdle becomes heavier to do so. Thanks to the Summer waves as it brings with all the maintenance kit for you when it comes to your door-step so you don’t need to spend more on it for purchasing. Also, you can set the pool up while the delivery will come and enjoy the first day of your above ground pool experiment.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

The Summer waves pool 18×52 is worth buying if you compare its features and performance. First of all, you get a more durable and stable pool with this price range. It is 80% stronger than many other pool models in the market. The model is made of incredibly durable and heavy gauge PVC composite material.  It is reinforced with an inner layer of polyester mesh, so you get the optimal support inside.

Summer waves pool 18x52 review

If you consider the quality filtration system and water holding capacity, you will see that it comes with the latest skimmer plus filtration system that ensures better filtering. It can also hold more water of 7,700 gallons compared to other models. Another positive thing is that it includes the most effective maintenance kit that you will hardly get in other models. So considering all, we think that this model would be one of your best picks.

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Final verdict

Many of us are looking for the average shape of above ground pool those are mostly set up in the backyard with the well-fitted metal frame. Summer waves pool 18×52 win the game providing with the sturdier metal frame so the water reservoir can easily hold the 7700 Gal of water. Aside from this, it comes with the skimmer so when you can see you have a certain amount of debris come into the pool then this will help. Now, it is your preference whether to bring it to your backyard and enjoy the refreshing pastime in the pool.

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