Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Review

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool especially design for the Spa pool, it has minimalistic but effective features. It comes with the rechargeable Lithium battery technology so it can run up to 60 minutes in one go. After one hour of intense cleaning, you can kick out the maximum debris from the spa for sure, this is why you should bring it.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Review

Apart from it, the extreme multilayer filter is brilliantly designed so it has many edges and layers. For that, it does not leave any debris left outside of it. Bring more and more debris within it is the main attention and so you can never underestimate this little blaster max li. It is easy to go across any tight corners of your pool even close to the ladders as well. 

Now, let us talk about some of the best features of this Pool Blaster so, it would be easier for us to shade more light on this.

  • It is run by the powerful and rechargeable, Lithium-ion battery
  • Multilayer filter comes handy with collecting large and fine debris
  • Operated by the easy push-button on/off switch
  • It comes with 60 minutes of continuous operation at a stretch
  • Low-maintenance cost and alternative to the expensive pool cleaner

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FAQ About Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li

Q. Do I submerge the blaster halfway and then turn it on?

You need to make sure that you turn it on before submerging it and then don’t turn it off whilst underwater. So when you turn it off means you are done with the cleaning work, and then open the cap where it covers the battery compartment.

Q. What do I find after unboxing it?

When you will unbox the Max Li box, you will find the vacuum head, filter bag, nose cap along with the battery charger and cleaner body. Keep in mind that, it doesn’t come with the pole, so you need to separately purchase it.

Q. Does it come with a decent filter bag or, do I need to purchase the better one?

Normally, it comes with the great filter bag finer mesh, the size of it also perfect for the spa as well. But still, there are more choices out there, maybe somewhat with the better quality.

What users are saying about Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li

We have seen the uproar of positive feedback from the users. They find it extremely lightweight and portable as well when you manually clean the pool’s surface. When the users begin to use the cleaner. they consider it to be a money saver economical pool vacuum cleaner. It serves all types of the pool like big or small, round or oval, however best for the small pool. So when you have a small family size pool for family use, you should not waste money on the robotic cleaner. And, most of the users buy this for this cause.

Compare Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li vs  Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li Pool

POOL BLASTER Catfish Cordless Pool Vacuum for Spot-Cleaning, Hot Tubs & Spas, Handheld Rechargeable,...
POOL BLASTER Catfish Cordless Pool Vacuum for Spot-Cleaning, Hot Tubs & Spas, Handheld Rechargeable,...
RUN TIME: The lithium ion battery powered Catfish is designed to run up to 45 minutes

Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li has somewhat the exact features that match with the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li. But what is not match with it is the multilayer filter. So the main comparison comes to meet with it. Now imagine how it takes to a better place having this filter. After that, the battery power and consumption rate are more efficient with Max Li as well.

Key Features of Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li

Rechargeable charger

It is operated by lithium-ion batteries which are a popular technology. To experience the better cleaning you need to charge it, and it takes to fully charge not more than 4 hours. The Smart recharging shows the color codes and indicates to the user that is now ready for use. The battery has enough power and it supports you longer hours during pool cleaning work.

Light Weight

As you are using it for even hours holding it, so it should not come with more weight. Hence the more portable of this cleaner the better you feel to cover the whole pool’s surface. Pool Blaster Max LI is extremely lightweight and it is brilliantly designed to feel so, and this the selling point why people would love to buy it.

Multilayer  filter

Most of the features of water tech would go in vain if the scrubbing filter comes with single-layered. This hand-held portable cleaner has a sustainable multi-layer filter that can withstand any sort of tough stains, debris, and leaves. The main focus of it, it serves to collect even the algae or any type of water bugs.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Review

As a manual spa cleaner, it would be just perfect with the affordable offer. This handheld pool cleaner may have somewhat the weak suction power and no longer alternative to the automatic cleaner, but still preferable. Because it is quite perfect for the spa, not the above ground pool where you may require more suction power. one good thing about it that people overlook or don’t come to know is its longevity and user-friendly operation. Unlike any robotic cleaner which may come to a standstill at any time, it won’t do the same. The less equipment means the more days it will serve your pool.

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Final Verdict

When you are looking for the best suction side pool cleaner it comes with lots of investment and somewhat no effective for the spa pool. Therefore, more or less everyone uses the handheld cleaner. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li seems one of the efficient among all of the handheld cleaners due to having a multi-layer filter system that brings more debris, pollen, sand and including water bugs as well. So if gathering more debris out of the spa is your main concern you can bring it at home considering this feature indeed.

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