Zodiac MX6 Review – Compare Features And Performance

Looking to buy Zodiac MX6 Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner? It is better to know the features, specifications, and functionality before making any buying decision. Zodiac, in its line of compact cleaners, adds up another cleaner, Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner which fantastically works for most pools. The MX6 Zodiac has garnered all attention in the market from the competitor counterparts and the users due to its high-suction power, high-performance cleaning.

Zodiac MX6 Automatic In Ground Pool Cleaner

Well, all credit goes to the intuitively designed system for suction which makes it futuristic unit much ahead of similar products in its league. It is basically meant for pools featuring variable speed pumps and can run at much lower RPM than Zodiac MX8. The build-in-technology of MX6 empowers performance and functions of the suction system that contributes towards earning a much higher TRP for it. This is the natty model high-suction pool cleaner which is driven by four wheels, spelling style and great intelligence of the 4th generation.

  • Innovative and low flow design
  • It is perfect for pools with variable or 2-speed pumps.
  • The swiveling hoses here connect in style and are easy to assemble.
  • Powerful and ultra-efficient device.
  • Perpetually stuck and one needs to remove debris after usage
  • Cannot be used for pools near to the palm trees

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Key Features of The Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

In the Zodiac MX6 Automatic Pool cleaner you will find a range of high-end features that sets it apart from the other cleaners. It is a top-of-the-line pool cleaner model available in the market.

Zodiac MX6 review

  • The Flow Valve here controls flow and thus the cleaner offers decades of service owing to the speed which is moderate.
  • It has internal sensors which give maneuverability to the device, allowing it to turn and move with ease.
  • The pool coverage here is outstanding since it features X-Trax tires for that remarkable speed, strength, traction, grip and maneuverability.
  • Ideal for variable speed pumps due to Innovative low flow design
  • It features cyclonic suction for that powerful vacuuming
  • Articulate turbine blade for the aggressive wall climbing
  • Swiveling hoses connect with style and quickness
  • It can move up vertically towards the side walls while strong turbines can eliminate the loose debris and help trap all the suspended material with greater ease and comfort. The pool walls are left sparkling clean at the end.
  • The pool cleaner can access tight corners and even the closed corners of the pool. In fact, the smartly designed nozzles do all the wonder here.
  • All parts of the pool can be efficiently cleaned with the 12 meters long hose
  • Being light in weight, the unit can clean a large pool in the shortest span of time.
  • The pool cleaner can efficiently clean various surfaces like tiles, fiberglass, and quartz. So, in the end, you enjoy efficient cleaning.
  • It performs optimally for decades without giving you any complaint.

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Compare Zodiac MX6 vs Hayward RC9740WC SharkVac XL

The Zodiac MX6 features best-in-the-class vacuum power driven by powerful suction technology and programmed navigation for great cleaning results. The design is a low flow to consume less energy than Hayward RC9740WC SharkVac XL.

On the other hand, Shark Vac XL calculates the pool size and adjusts itself for efficient cleaning. This feature is absent in MX6. On the other hand, when we talk of MX6, it is much cheaper and more budget-friendly than SharkVac XL. But then, SharkVac XL can also calculate the size of the pool and thus it is energy efficient. SharkVac XL cleans the pool with automated and computer efficiency. It uses up to 94% of less energy and can clean granite vinyl, fiberglass and various residential pool surfaces.

Compare Zodiac MX6 vs Hayward RC9740WC SharkVac XL

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Zodiac MX6 comes with the warranty of 1 year while SharkVac XL comes with 2 years of warranty. An ideal pool cleaner will be the one which imbibes all the advantages of the pool cleaner while avoids the disadvantages. SharkVac XL calculates the size of the pool whereas Zodiac MX6 again features the best-in-class vacuum cleaner to clean the pool in a hassle free manner. Your buying decision is reliant on the features you are looking for.

User Opinion about Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

The heavy cleaner works fine for most of the pools. It is much better than Zodiac MX8 but one needs to install a cleaner based on the size of the pool, the type and the kind of debris it gets.

Since the internal turbine is of the same kind, there will be a problem when you use it for pool carrying leaves bunching up at the bottom. Although the cleaner comes with all the attachments the traditional hoses do not simply work for it. The hoses have a somewhat locking connection while the traditional ones just twist on.

User Opinion about Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

Secondly, the instruction given in the manual is very sparse. One cannot make out how to adjust the flow. Otherwise, the MX6 Zodiac is compact, easy-to-use, lightweight and ultra-efficient. The setup is easy except for adjusting out the flow. Cosmetically, the pool cleaner is pretty attractive. If the vacuum works flawlessly, the cleaner can climb the pool wall efficiently and will not get stuck up. It offers good cleaning results where the bottom of the pool and the walls appear ultra clean.

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Why Zodiac MX6 can be the best In Ground Pool Cleaner?

Zodiac MX6 is an efficient pool cleaning system that is power-backed with an updated and most advanced line of technologies. The amazing pool cleaner delivers tailored cleaning jobs for both the above-ground pool and in-ground pool. The unique selling point of this pool cleaner is the use of Cyclonic suction technology or rather power booster suction technology which absorbs every speck of dust whether under the water or above the ground. There is something strikingly remarkable about this suction system that is distinguishable forceful.

Zodiac MX6 review

The suction system does not allow the machine lose even the single most speck while it gravitates the dirt continuously. Apart from this, the Superb X-Drive technology offers this machine an ability to reach different expanses of the floor and walls for a spectacular cleaning result. Then, there is an added Flex power technology which is exemplary in itself. It enables or capacitates turbines for exerting maximum torque when the water flow is least.

Among all the technology, one cannot skip out on flow regulator technology which is the latest from the brand of Zodiac. MX6 is only a handful pool cleaner which is powered by flow regulator technology.

MX6 Zodiac is the best pool vacuum cleaner in its class which boasts maximum efficiency and delivers ultimate cleaning results with the least bit of effort. In fact, the easy-to-use robotic pool cleaner is best for the home as the cleaning takes place easily. The cleaner imbibes an easy and durable design to render comprehensive cleaning results.

My experience with Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

My first impression of this powerful cleaner is simply wow. The automatic in-ground cleaner consumes less energy and this is my observation. I loved the cyclonic suction technology carrying wall climbing capability to reach even tighter spaces for flawless cleaning results. The unit is easy to attach and operate. I found it extremely easy to get inside the unit where you just need to open the door to carry out the cleaning. The device is good with very minor weaknesses.

My experiance about Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

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Final Verdict

Thus, it can be said that in terms of pricing, features, design, and technology, Zodiac MX6 is the best. Although compact, it demonstrates powerful cleaning technology. It is an amazing suction cleaner that offers much superior maneuverability while offering complete pool coverage. So, the efficient cleaning result is attained within the shortest span of time. The lightweight model makes it easy to access tighter corners.

Overall until today it has a 4-star rating on the leading shopping sites and is well accepted by the buyers. This pool maintenance product is a must-have for the owners of the swimming pools.

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