How to hook up pool vacuum to intex pump step by step

Intex Pool vacuum is a cost-effective and alternative to installing an inground pool. These type of vacuums come in many sizes and shapes to fit different budgets and yards. When you use them, then you will find that your summer splashes will be more memorable and pleasurable. But to get this advantage, you need to maintain it properly.

Cleaning up all the debris using the intex vacuum is no mean feat. Especially when you use it standing above the pool grounds. However, today we are not going to tell you about cleaning up stuff rather let’s talk about how to hook up a pool vacuum to intex pump.

Preparation period

To begin the work, you need to make sure something that is about the filter pump. The filter pump needs to be connected with the filter pump, and the flow rate of it would be between 1600 to 3500 gallons per hour. Keep in mind that the cleaning performance will rely on the flow of the filter pump. Hence, the higher the flow of rate goes arise the better cleaning up stuff will be done.

Do you have a sand filter inside your pool? That is handy as it does not allow the sand to get back to your pool. But as you know, everything normally performs to a high peak when you will maintain that. So make sure you are cleaning the sand media by backwashing. Hence, you need to run the filter pump for 10 to 15 minutes before you are going to connect it with the auto cleaner.

Don’t forget the most integral part of this work, that is about the filter pump. The vacuum cleaner won’t get work when the pump is not working too. If you are facing this problem, then think about purchasing the pool pump timer so that you can keep your pool water sanitized. Also, it will help you to pull water from the pool and also circulates it across the filter. As a result, you can remove all the algae, bacteria, and debris.

 Assembling parts for hooking up intex pool vacuum

You should be familiar with a number of parts that will come out handy when you will assemble it. They are:

  • Cleaner top
  • Collar nut
  • Gear module
  • Debris net
  • Cleaner base
  • Brush support a (with 2 extra) (4 pieces)
  • Brush (with 10 extra) (12 pieces)
  • Brush support b (with 2 extra) (4 pieces)
  • Exhaust ring plate
  • Hose clamp
  • Hose adapter
  • Hose A
  • Hose B (3 pieces)
  • Hose C (3 pieces)
  • Hose D

How to hook up Intex pool vacuum

Do you want to do the stuff easily?  Vacuuming and cleaning would be fun with the auto pool cleaner. On the other hand, vacuuming the intex above ground from the pool is easy, but you need to know some hacks of it so you can keep the pool water clean and clear. Also, you may need to balance the chemical of your pool regularly too.

So when you are planning to care your pool, make sure that you have removed large debris and for that, you can use skimmer after that use the vacuum to clean out all the dirt from the bottom. Keep in mind, if the pool debris or dirt go beyond the capacity to clean out, then the intex pool may not come out effective. So don’t let it happen.

Below here you can get some instructions on how to hook up pool vacuum to intex pump:

 Step 1

 Make sure you know all the materials of the pool. After that, begin with the garden hose. The garden hose needs to adjust with the house spigot and for that, it needs to be long enough to come in contact with the farthest part of your pool and that is the little slack. Hence, you don’t need to stretch or strain it anymore.

Step 2

There are two pieces of the telescoping shaft insert one at the end and with the other and then twist it together counterclockwise so that you can lock them together.

Step 3

The shaft needs to align with the vacuum head where you can see the spring. Now squeeze the tips of the plastic and the spring together before you can see the shaft go into the head.

Step 4

Now squeeze the tips of the plastic and the spring together before you can see the shaft go into the head. As the shaft slips into the vacuum head so bring one debris bag and attach it with the vacuum head. Don’t forget to tie the bag with the vacuum head.

Step 5

On the opposite side of the vacuum head, attach the garden hose adapter nozzle with it. Make sure that, you have clipped the hose to the telescoping shaft. Afterward, you need to wind the hose on the adapter nozzle. You will see a flat washer with the adapter which must be placed just in the garden hose coupling.

Step 6

Now time to do some bang bang with the water pressure. But make sure that the proper adjustment of the water output, therefore, you will get the proper water pressure. Finally, it will allow the vacuum to pull inside all the debris from the pool floor.

Step 7

Now hold the vacuum head on the pool floor and then glide it around the pool floor and clean the debris.

Some tips before and after the job are done

You have already come to know the step by step process. It is related to the process of handling with different parts and particle of the Pool and the cleaner. When you will go through it you will be fall short to another part of the problems. We believe that when you will do the job you should be conscious about every wrong occurrence that may lead to failing the job done.

Here are some tips to avoid some issues while hooking up a pool vacuum to intex pump:

  • You may find the problem with the filter cartridge when you can see the vacuum stirs the sediments and debris. In that case, you will need to either clean it or replace it with the new one. Sediments tend to trapped inside the cartridge that is common so clean it out carefully.
  • Check out whether the filter pump is operating or not and also, pull the auto cleaner out of the pool.
  • Try to make the hose section tighten safely and then connect the hose with the water connector. Remember, to firmly attach it when you will tightening each hose section.
  • Do you have the pool’s floor get wrinkled? In that case, chances would be pretty high that the cleaner will be stuck over there. So, pull out the cleaner if you find it is stuck over there and then smoothen the floor too.
  • Whenever you are not using the sand filter, instead of the net, then make sure you have clean the net regularly.
  • When you are going to clean, and air dries the unit of all parts, make sure that the filter pump is turned off. Also, from the electrical outlet disconnect the power cord too.


The final instruction is to make sure you have followed the instructions on how to hook up pool vacuum to intex pump thoroughly. Keep all the parts in a bag altogether so you can find each of them easily. If you don’t find something friendly to deal with then stop there and try to understand the instructions from the beginning and then again get started. Hopefully, you will easily and successfully do it by yourself so let’s begin to work form now.