Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Pool Cleaner Review

Swim with large leaves on the pool is very frustrating for you as this does not let you enjoy the pool time perfectly that you want. Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker is the best suction pool cleaner that you may be looking for.

This has the big suction power that helps to remove all the large leaves or other dirt from the pool and keep the pool clean. The construction is very durable of this pool cleaner plus it comes with ABS handle.

Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Pool Cleaner Review

The price is extremely affordable but this is durable that makes sure you can use this pool cleaner for many years to come with a little care.

You can consider purchasing this pool cleaner if you are seriously frustrating with cleaning the leaves on your pool. Here we’ve shared everything about this pool cleaner that will help you choose this cleaner.

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Noticeable Main Features of Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

  • The dimension is 2.6 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches.
  • It is 1.8 lbs.
  • The vacuum is a 15-inch diameter and the body is made from the ABS.
  • Poolmaster has 4 multi-directional wheels also, 8 high-pressure water jets that provide the best suction power.
  • There a reusable all-purpose leaf bag comes with this sucker pool cleaner.
  • The Quick-disconnect fitting provides to attach this to most garden hoses.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Poolmaster 28300 Pool Leaf Vacuum

Q: What pole attachment do you buy?

You will need standard pole attachments that you can find at most stores that are sell pool chemicals.

Q: What size pool will fit this vacuum cleaner?

It’s a standard size pool cleaner, if yours is a standard pool then this would fit perfectly.

Q: Does this come with brushes?

No, this doesn’t provide brushes. You’ve to buy separately.

Q: Will this work on my pool floor?

Yes, it has wheels/casters that make sure it picks up leaves off the pool floor.

Q: Do you need to turn on the garden hose?

Yes, the garden hose should be turned on and shot through jets.

What Users are saying about the Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

According to the users, this was worth buying for them. The net is perfect for leaves, as well as, larger debris. The price is very affordable so the users on a budget were very happy with the Poolmaster 28300 Big Suction pool cleaner.

The set up is very simple, most of the users do not need to read the instructions. This suction pool cleaner is lightweight that makes it easy to move as well.

Compared to other vacuum pool cleaner, this is super easy to use – when putting this in the pool, instantly this will start ducking up all the leaves from the bottom of the pool.

The users suggest that – make sure the vacuum is flat on the bottom of the pool or else this will shoot the stuff out of the side instead of through the net.

This is made of plastics that do not like some of the users since this is not environment friendly. But the material is durable so they can use this for many years to come.

Compare Poolmaster 28300 Vs Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Poolmaster is perfect to vacuum the leaf or other debris from the pool, on the other hand, Pentair is a great suction cleaner for cleaning the whole pool. If you need to clean only leaves or dirt and debris from your pool then the Poolmaster 28300 could be your choice.

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly® Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner (Pleated Seal)
Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly® Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner (Pleated Seal)
Roller strap maneuvers cleaner around steps and ladders for uninhibited cleaning; 42"L x 16. 5"W x 7. 5"H

The Poolmaster can be used in all types of the standard pool to get a nice clean pool time. This comes at a reasonable price than Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner.

If the budget is an issue then you can purchase the Poolmaster 28300 for your swimming pool. While the Pentair provides a full-coverage clean to your pool – it can clean the wall to the water line everything in between.

In terms of operating these two pool cleaner, they provide a hassle-free clean. You do not need to operate them manually, just plug and then putting them into the pool. They will do the rest.

They can last for many years to come to provide you pool cleaning service. However, the users are also very happy with their purchase so hopefully, you’ll not also regret your choice.

If your priority is only cleaning dirt, debris or leaves only then Poolmaster would be perfect. Or if you are seeking a cleaner that will give the full coverage clean to your pool then we’d say you should purchase the Pentair pool cleaner.

But if you do not want to get one from these two, then you can read the XtremepowerUS pool cleaner review here. This is another best pool cleaner that will meet your needs.

Key Features of Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

This is the best suction pool cleaner compared to other cleaners on the market for the amazing features it provides. Let’s discuss the key features of the Poolmaster suction cleaner.

Suction Power

This is the important thing as you are here to remove all the leaves, isn’t it? We’d say this has the best suction power. The underside of this vacuum has eight water nozzles that create a very powerful suction that lifts all the leaves into the vacuum bag.

Easy Maneuver

Including the pool floor, this pool cleaner will clean all the debris from the pool. But this does not remove any small particles. Yet you can be sure about your pool is in good condition.  Plus this has 4 wheels, this cleaner operates itself.

Leaf Bag

You will get one reusable leaf bag with this pool cleaner since this is a reusable all-purpose mesh bag that comes with a push-lock closure. Isn’t it amazing? There is a vacuum ring that holds the mesh bag in place so the cleaning is perfect.

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Final Verdict

We know how boring it is dealing with the leaves or other debris while swimming in the pool. The Poolmaster will reduce all the leaves from your pool, now you do not need to manually clean your pool. Consider all the features this pool cleaner provides and purchase this cleaner for your pool.

My name is Ron Walsh. I’m an industry expert, certified pool technician, and avid lover of all things aquatic. In my beautiful homeland of Florida, where I still reside today, pools are everywhere. Needless to say, I learned to love water at a young age. With my love of water, and pools in particular, it was only natural that I follow a career path in the swimming pool industry. If there’s someone to learn about above ground pools, pool cleaners and maintenance from, it would definitely be me. If you have any question just let me know.

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