How Long Does It Take To Clean Swimming Pool?

If you own a swimming pool, you have the luxury to take a dip wherever you want.

However, owning a swimming pool also comes with the task of keeping it clean. Swimming in a pool that has dirty water can cause health problems such as nose or ear infections.

How Long Does It Take To Clean Swimming Pool

Unfortunately, swimming pools don’t automatically sanitize themselves. It needs repair maintenance such as everyday cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming. You need to invest a lot of time and money to clean a swimming pool by yourself, be it above ground pools or in-ground.

One can also wonder how long it takes to clean a swimming pool and the equipment needed.

What All Equipment Do I Need To Clean My Pool Safely?

Here is all that you need to get started cleaning your own swimming pool!

  • Pool Brush – Pool brushes scrub the pool’s walls, floors and ladders to remove dirt and algae accumulated. You can attach these with a telescopic pole which is a rod that connects all the cleaning equipment.
  • Skimmer Net – Skimmer net collects debris like bugs, leaves, twigs that float under the water’s surface or above.
  • Manual Vacuum – To thoroughly clean the dirt and debris stuck on the bottom of the pool, you will need a manual vacuum. There are different pool vacuums available, but the common ones have bristles around and are rectangular.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner – This equipment is like a vacuum that moves across the bottom of the pool and collects dirt automatically.
  • Chlorine – Chlorine is the main chemical used to sterilize the pool water. It comes in powder, liquid from and dissolvable tablets.
  • Pool Testing Kit – Overuse of chemicals or bad weather can affect the water, so these kits check whether the chemical level is within the range.

How To Clean A Swimming Pool?

If you want to keep your swimming pool clean, here are the steps to follow:

  • Trap any floating debris with a skimmer net.
  • Using a pool brush, scrub the side of the walls, stairs, and floors.
  • Slowly clean the bottom by moving the pool vacuum in a straight line across the pool.
  • Add an adequate amount of chlorine or any other liquid cleaning agent to the pool.
  • Check the pool’s pH level using a pool testing kit. The level should fall between a 7.2 to 7.6 range.
  • You can run your pool filter for at least eight hours daily for proper filtration and water circulation.

If you are planning on buying a pool but don’t want to invest in cleaning, our Intex pool reviews.

How Long Will It Take To Clean A Swimming Pool?

How Long Will It Take

The most common way of cleaning a swimming pool is through two methods: Manual and automatic. Depending on the model, you can determine the time it will take to clean a pool. Here is an estimate for both:

Manual Vacuum

A manual or handheld vacuum should run as long as the visible dirt gets removed from the pool’s bottom and sides. For a small and moderately dirty pool, the vacuum takes at least 20 minutes to clean. For pools that are very dirty and large, it can take around 45 minutes.

Automatic Vacuum

An automatic or robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest ways to clean your pool. The three types of automatic pool vacuums are:

  • A robotic pool cleaner is energy efficient as it is a self-containment unit that does all the work for you. It works separately from your pool’s existing filtration system.
  • Suction vacuums can suck up small rocks but cannot handle large debris.
  • A pressure-side pool cleaner utilizes a pressure line from the filtration system to move around the pool.

The length of time it takes to clean with automatic vacuums depends on the condition and size of your pools. You can keep the vacuum running until it’s completely clear and clear, which may take two to six hours on average. If you want to know more, check out our pool cleaner reviews.

Now that you know the things required to clean your pool and the time it takes, go ahead and sanitize your swimming pool today.

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