How to Clean Intex Pool Liner?

Are you searching for solutions to the question ‘How to clean Intex pool liner? If yes, after reading this article you will have a clear answer to your every doubt about the same. The Intex pools are excellent in quality and they last long. The company started making air beds, swimming pools, spas, furniture, boats, and other such products a long time ago. They have been in the industry for more than forty years now. Yet the demand for its products has only increased.

The company claims to provide high-quality products to its customers. On the other side, a large number of customers appreciate its products and find that the prices are pretty reasonable. One of the best things about the Intex pools is that they promote safety while having fun. Intex pools are designed to keep the comfort of users as a second priority after safety.

Surprisingly, Intex also aims to reduce its carbon footprint. It is taking various measures to make that happen. Maybe this is why consumers trust and like Intex a lot. When it comes to having in your backyard, Intex has got you covered. It is amusing to enjoy in the Intex pools. However, when it comes to packing up after the party, Intex does not fail you there as well. Most of the Intex pools are covered with liners. This is done to retain the water within the pool and provide it a neat appearance.

How to Clean Intex Pool Liner?

Intex pool liners are usually made of vinyl. However, they can vary in colors and thicknesses. With time, the pool liners can get dirty and accumulate algae or another sediment on them. The good news is that all Intex pool liners are pretty easy to clean.

How to Clean Intex Pool Liner?

Use a Brush to Clean

To get rid of the dirt that has stuck on the surface of the pool liner, you can use a pool brush. A brush that has nylon bristles will work the best. However, a brush with plastic bristles can be used as well.

Pool brushes are generally curved and come with a long handle. This makes it easy to clean the pool liner without any hassle. You need to run a brush over the Intex pool liner and you will see that the dirt and debris will come off. Ensure to clean the sides thoroughly.

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Wipe with a Cloth to Clean

If you notice any marks on your pool liner, do not worry. Take a clean cloth or towel and dip in the water. Then, use it to wipe and clean off the marks. You can use pool water to clean the dirt on the pool liner to make the cleaning process more convenient.

Vacuum to Clean

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to get rid of algae and debris on the pool liner. You will need a pool vacuum that has a pole and a vacuum head. Ensure to buy the vacuum head that is specifically made for vinyl pool liners. This will reduce the chances of damaging or tearing the liner. You can quickly get rid of all the debris and algae that is stuck on your pool liner by vacuuming it properly.

Which Cleaners Should Be Applied to the Intex Pool Liners?

It is essential to know which cleaners should be used for cleaning pool liners. There are many pool vacuum cleaners available in the market that do not affect the quality of the pool liners, but also made them go dull in color. Therefore, you should use the cleaners that are right for pool liners.

Which Cleaners Should Be Applied to the Intex Pool Liners?

Use a Beach Cleaner

If you see that fungus is accumulated on the pool liner or it is stained because of bacteria, you should use a cleaner with a bleach base. Take the same amount of chlorine bleach and water, and mix them. You can pour this material into a spray bottle and spread the cleaner on the pool liner. Lastly, let this bleach cleaner dry over the liner. Once it gets dried, wash it off with water.

Use an Alkaline Cleaner

The acid-based cleaners clean thoroughly. But these are not gentle on the vinyl liners and they can even cause tearing of the liner. Therefore, it is better to use alkaline-based cleaners. These cleaners work great on stains and discoloration. You can use a spray bottle for ease to evenly spread the cleaner over the liner.

These are the well-suited ways and materials to clean the pool liners. We hope you do not have any doubts about how to clean the Intex pool liner anymore.

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