Intex 10 Foot Pool Review – Compare With Bestway 10 Foot Pool

When you look for any small size pool, you always consider the fact of how much safe it is for your children. Intex easy set up 10 foot x 30 inch pool was designed to offer extra safety to your kids and elderly family members. This backyard swimming pool lets you have a wonderful environment to cool off in the hot summer with your family members and friends. It also allows your children to swim in the pool with great fun.

Intex 10 Foot Pool Review

Another great thing about this pool is that it surprisingly takes less time and effort to set the pool up. The maintenance cost of this pool is also very low, and it hardly takes any considerable maintenance throughout its lifespan. The price of this pool, which is one of the most considerable things for many, is also very affordable compared to other models with a similar price range. To discover more about this pool, we would recommend you read the next sections as well.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Intex 10 Foot Pool

Q: Does this pool have dual suction outlet fittings?

Yes, the pool certainly has dual suction outlet fittings. Using this dual suction outlet fitting, you can circulate the water outside the pool quickly and easily. There is actually no difficulty in doing that with this pool.

Q: Are there actually holes for a pump to be added or just places to be cut? I don’t want to use a swimming pool pump on it.

There are 3 holes to be used for a pump or for the plugs. Using two intakes and one outlet hole, you will be able to satisfy your needs perfectly.

What users saying about Intex 10 Foot Pool

INTEX 28120EH 10ft x 30in Easy Set Pool
INTEX 28120EH 10ft x 30in Easy Set Pool
Very easy to set up, no tools needed; Super easy set-up! Ready for water in 15 minutes!; Set-up & maintenance DVD is included

User review plays an important role in coming up with a quick decision whether a product is worth buying or not. If you check the review and comment section of this I

ntex 10ft swimming pool, you will see that most of the users have expressed their positive views about this pool. Most users have loved the sturdiness and size of the intex 10ft swimming pool. The sturdy construction and durable materials have surprisingly increased the longevity of this pool.

People are also satisfied with the easy-to-setup and easy-to-store features of this pool. Setting up this pool is so easy that you alone can get the pool ready without having any special skills. You will also need not take a longer time to set up this pool. The fast and effortless setup feature will amaze any user.

Only a few complaints have come regarding the capacity of the filter pump. Though it works well, many users said that it would be better if the capacity of the filter pump would be a little higher. Overall, Intex 10 foot pool is a better choice for your children and family.

Comparison between Intex 10 Foot Pool and Bestway 10 Foot Pool

In this Intex pool reviews, you will also get a comparison idea of it with the Bestway 10 Foot Pool. As a result, it will help you make your decision easily and quickly. Intex 10 Foot Pool is made of the metal frame, and Bestway 10 Foot Pool is made of the 3-ply PVC and polyester. Both the materials are of high-quality and ensure longer durability. So there is no issue of which one lasts longer.

The water capacity of the Intex one is 1,718 gallons, whereas the Bestway pool has a water capacity of 1,236 gallons. So considering this fact, Intex stands ahead. The model can be used with a filter pump having a filtering capacity at a rate of 330 gallons per hour. But the second one has the filter pump included with the water filtering capacity of 280 gallons per hour.

Both models have an accommodating capacity of up to 4 people. But the first model will offer you more space inside than the second one. You can easily set up both models with less effort. But the first one will give you more comfortable and quicker set up advantages. So it is seen that there are not huge differences between these two models. However, if you want to learn more about the best above ground pool, you can also read the article here.

Key Features of the Intex 10 Foot Pool

Quality of the Materials

The build quality of any pool is one of the greatest considerations for all users. Intex 10ft pool metal frameis made of high quality and durable materials, so you don’t have tension regarding the durability and longevity of this pool. Apart from this, the sturdy construction of the pool will give you and your children extra support and stability. So you will feel very comfortable in the pool throughout your session.

Easy setup and Maintenance

The model is very easy to set up and get ready to use for making your family time more enjoyable. The Maintenance of the pool is also quite easy, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money for the maintenance purpose. With all the necessary accessories and attachments, your setup and maintenance process becomes super easy.

Space Inside

This pool has an adequate space inside to let your children swim, and your family members cool off in the hot summer season. The pool walls are very much supportive so that it will provide proper stability and support during your pool session.


The price of this pool model is amazingly low compared to most other models available in the market. It will be very tough for you to find out any pool with similar features and benefits at this price range. So you can save your money in the long run if you choose this super quality pool.

Filtering and Draining

The model comes with a quality filter pump that is designed with advanced technology to help you filter the water nicely and keep your pool water environment fresh and clean all the way. Draining the pool is also very easy, and it takes only a few moments.

How worthy compared to its features and performance?

If you want to understand whether Intex Poolis worth buying or not compared to its features and performance, we would like to say that it is worthy. First of all, the price of the model is very much affordable, which makes it easier for everyone to come up with a purchasing decision. This model is actually a great value for money. There is no doubt about that.

Intex 10 Foot Pool Review

Another noticeable aspect of this pool is its sturdy construction and safety features. The pool is made of the durable metal frame that makes it possible to use the pool for the season after season. Easy and fast setup and Maintenance is also a mentionable thing about this pool. When you and your children are inside the pool, you all are fully safe all over your pool session.

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Intex 10 Foot Pool is wonderfully round-shaped, durably constructed, incredibly supportive. With easy entry and exit features of the pool, you will be able to take your pool experience to the next level. Intex doesn’t ever compromise with the quality and durability of their pool product. So without any tension, you can rely on the brand and choose your desired model. We assure you would not get disappointed with this high-quality pool.

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