7 Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting 2022

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Designed with the ability to climb pool walls, reverse back functionality and dual turbine cleaning, Zodiac’s MX8 automatic pool vacuum cleaner is a boon to the proud pool owners.

Just leave it in a pool and it would pick up everything, from organic matters to sand, dirt and grit. It is a suction-side in-ground pool cleaner which is impressively energy-efficient and scores even more for its quiet operations. It is easy to install and maintain with minor issues that can be easily taken care of, provided you know some simple MX8 pool cleaner troubleshooting solution.

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Top MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Tips and Solution

Before you learn any of the troubleshooting tips for MX8, it is necessary to take care of a few things that can prevent a number of issues from surfacing. For example, if your pool accumulates debris in large amount, make sure to frequently clear the pump baskets.

Whenever you add chemicals to the pool, make sure that MX8 is not let into it for at least 4 hours. While storing it, the hose should not be coiled and the cleaner should be stored away from the sun. Let’s start with the troubleshooting guide.
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1. MX8 Shows No or Slow Movement

The pool cleaner may stop all of a sudden in the middle of the operation. In other cases, it may operate at speed slower than the usual. The possible causes can be the engine jammed due to debris or presence of air in the cleaner. Another common cause of this issue is worn out drive tracks or cracked bearings, especially if the cleaner is a couple of months old.

Solution: To begin with, confirm that there is correct flow using a flow tester. If it indicates a reading of 3, there is some other issue. If it shows some reading else, confirm that the valves that control the suction lines are correctly positioned. If the problem persists, watch out for the air bubbles. If you find bubbles in excess, tighten the hose connections and pump fittings.

Check out any signs of wear and tear on the drive tracks and bearings. It is possible to deal with the issue by simply getting the damaged parts replaced.

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2. MX8 Fails to Climb Pool Walls

The most common reason for this is insufficient flow available to the cleaner. The position of the float may also be the culprit.

Solution: First of all, find out the number of wheel rotations.  If the number is low, it may be due to poor flow. Try to adjust the valve that regulates the flow to the cleaner. If it doesn’t solve the issue, adjust the length of the hose. You may also address the issue by positioning the float at 9 inches from the cleaner.

3. MX8 Moves in Circles

Most of the users facing this issue agree that it is the directional control of the pool cleaner which is at fault and causes it to make circles usually in the anti-clockwise direction.

Solution: You can easily remove the directional control by removing screws that are eight in number. If you find calcium deposits on the bearings, simply brush them off. If the problem resurfaces, you may replace the direction control which costs around $25.

In some cases, it is noted that the bevel gear of the drive shaft fails to make contact with the gears of the two-directional control units (A as well as B). For this, the solution is to place washers behind the bevel gears of the drive shaft and the thing should stop moving in the circular motion.

4. MX8 Is Frequently Stuck at Steps

Like many other issues, this problem may also be caused due to poor flow to the cleaner or incorrect hose length. However, the problem may also be due to the restricted rotation of swivels located on the top or due to faulty drive tracks that fail to reverse direction.

Solution: You can troubleshoot the issue by ensuring that there is sufficient hose length supporting the cleaner’s operation. Try to adjust the length by extending or shortening it. If it doesn’t work, use the flow tester to verify that there is proper flow to the cleaner. In case you find fault in the drive tracks or swivel, contact an expert for help.

5. MX8 Covers Only a Part of the Pool

The most common cause of this issue is the hose coiling up in the middle of the operation which restricts the movement of the cleaner to each and every corner of the pool. Also, the return line fittings might not point in the right direction.

Solution: First of all, check the hose for any coils or tangles. If you find them, let the hose straighten up by laying it under the sun for some time. Check whether the return line fittings are pointing downwards or not. If not, correct their direction.

6. MX8 Jerks while Moving

I may be caused due to debris accumulated in the drive pulley. A worn-out drive belt may also make the cleaner to move in a short and jerky motion.

Solution: Inspect the drive pulleys and remove any debris present there. Your cleaner should work fine now. If not, then assess the drive belt, drive tracks and well as brushes for any visible signs of damage. You may need to get these parts replaced.

7. MX8 Keeps Tipping On

If your pool cleaner tips to its side more than often, the fault lies in the hose quality or length.

Solution: Check if the hose has turned brittle. If yes, it is time to replace it. If it is in good quality, you are most probably mistaking with the right hose length. Try to adjust it and you may find the issue getting resolved.

For the optimal performance of MX8, it is also advised to inspect your pool for algae growth as it can affect the cleaner’s traction and overall performance. Using these MX8 Top Pool Cleaners for 2022 troubleshooting tips, you can save time as well as money and keep up the cleaner’s performance.

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12 thoughts on “7 Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting 2022”

  1. Hello Ron. I am having an issue with my MX8 elite. I keep it out of the elements in a large pool storage bin.
    I have not used it for several months. I attempted to use it yesterday but it moved very slowly, as in snail like. I also noticed that the small waterfall in the pool was not flowing. When I disconnected it from the skimmer the waterfall began to flow again. I have owned this for close to 5 years and have only changed the two rubber tracks around the wheels when I saw that they were cracking. After that I left it in the pool for less hours and always sprayed fresh water in the unite and around the tires. I do not know whether to do an entire rebuild or to start part by part but that would be a lot more expensive should I have to rebuild the whole cleaner. BTW I have a salt pool. I would appreciate any observations that you may have. Thank you in advance. Philip

  2. Do you have any knowledge if the tracks can be tightened? My tracks come off about every 30mins and I have to pull it out of the pool put the tracks back in line and it runs for maybe 30mins.

    • The inside of the track is worn (the teeth on the inside) as the unit makes a turn it will peel the track off. Sometimes in a pinch you can put the left side on the right side and VV or if you are just too damn cheap to pop for a new pair $15 to $20

  3. My elite vacuum is not moving at all, when i spin the scrubbers the treads on the side move in opposite directions, they are fighting each other and going no where. How did that happen?

  4. very happy with my MX8! Thanx for the troubleshooting infos on the MX8. . Question:why does my MX8 insist on climbing the wall instead of doing the floor of the pool? does it have to with the float’s position?

  5. I changed all the internal parts mx8 will run across pool then freezer up.cant rotate. The sweepers . It like bothotors not in sink? Take it apart it free up till I put it back in pool same thing run a little freezer up again

  6. Hello Ron, the tracks have been slipping off and when put back on track MX8 is still not sweeping anywhere close to when it was first purchased in June 2021

  7. Hi ,

    I been researching on this issue and can not find any answers, I have a zodiac MX8 that works great, but lately I notice that when i hook it up to the pump it lose presure and pump wont prime. I have replace all seals and make sure there is no leaks. If I removec the hose from the pump, the presure goes back to normal.

    Any suggestions.


  8. I installed a “tune up kit” in my Zodiac MX8 cleaner yesterday and it’s still going very slowly and won’t climb the sides, what should I check now?


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