5 Hayward navigator troubleshooting (Updated guide)

A SmartDrive Hayward navigator designed for all types of pool ground, and it is expensive to buy and to maintain or repair. When you have this navigator, it seems how much dedicated you are to keep your pool free from debris. But like all other navigators, it needs to troubleshoot as the maintenance cost is expensive so it would be great when you can do it alone.

We will narrow down some key points so that you will come to know about Hayward navigator troubleshooting.

Top 5 tips for Hayward navigator troubleshooting

Normally Hayward navigator is a top-notch pool vacuum cleaner that performs approximately in every place of your pool. When you use it for a few seasons occasionally, it required to go through some troubleshooting. Luckily, you can do it alone. However, you need to know precisely how does the troubleshooting works.

Hayward navigator troubleshooting

1. Perfect hose length 

The hose size should be perfect neither long nor short so that the cleaner can reach everywhere. Normally, hose size is 20 to 40 feet long depending on the pool.

Solution: You can not make it bigger when it comes to short in size. However, you can make it short when it comes to long. So be careful with the perfect measure and hence, you can bring tape and measure it properly then cut the extra and fix it back so don’t need any expert hand.

2. Pipes knot or tangle

The pipes sometimes get stuck and doesn’t perform due to knot or tangle. Therefore, you won’t be comfortable to move Hayward navigator everywhere in the pool. Sadly, it will be stuck in somewhere and doesn’t move freely.

Solution: When you can see any knot then remove the pipe from the cleaner and untie the knot carefully, make sure it won’t worn-out. For avoid any tangle, choose a sunny day and keep the pipe under the sun. When it gets enough sunlight with a hit then the pipe will become soften and remove the stretch and become straight; therefore, it will be more fun to play with your Hayward navigator. Check similar zodiac troubleshoot solutions 

3. Pressure cleaner moves slowly

Pool cleaner pressure should be correct to pull out all the debris unless it fails to serve its purpose. It is a tricky part actually to get to know whether the pressure is low or not; at the same time, the pressure cleaners moves slowly or not.

Hayward navigator troubleshooting

Solution: You need to go through leak detection. Normally, the low-pressure consequences when there is any leak in the pipe. Use pressure-testing fitting, and when you find the meter doesn’t show the result 27psi, then something goes wrong with that.

4. Stopped spin out

Do you ever go through such situation that one day the cleaner decides to spin out?  Normally, this problem comes with the phantoms when it doesn’t perform, and the defect is in the manifold. The spinout system run via the gearbox and you can find it inside the unit. The gearbox triggers the backup system for spinout.

Solution: Most people are wondering whether they should replace the manifold or the gearbox? Before replace we will recommend you to check out the gearbox. When you can find the gearbox fail to operate, then remove the cover and make sure the red cam is moving. Again, ensure all the hoses are attached to the gearbox.

5. Unable to go top/bottom mode during auto mode

While the Hayward goes to the auto mode, you will expect the cleaner will go to the top or bottom mode by default. Sadly, it fails to run automatically. Let’s find the solution below:

Solution: First of all, you should check out the top/bottom valve as it could be damaged or the debris causes obstacles from closing and sealing the ball. The problem may cause for several reasons, so the solution to it will come out differently. First of all, you should check out the top/bottom valve as it could be damaged or the debris causes obstacles from closing and sealing the ball. Secondly, the selector collar inside of the gearbox would be damaged or broken, so you need to replace the gearbox.

Thirdly, check out the valve hose as it would be disconnected at the gearbox or manifold. Finally, the upper thrust of the jet hose which is located at the manifold could be disconnected, and in that case, you may need to contact the authorized dealer.

Final thought

Most of the products of Hayward come with great quality and pre-programmed to move and collect the debris using the SmartDrive navigation system. It takes to clean a big pool for about four hours.

However, after using it for many seasons, you can find some problems with it. Fortunately, you can solve it alone and unfortunately, you can’t. The problem you can serve alone that is easy and relates to the basic maintenance, and the other issues need to solve by replacing many parts of it. Make sure you know all the Hayward navigator troubleshooting what we have described here and then try out these soft skills.

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  1. my navigator hasn’t worked since i put new shoes on it. when i lift it up off the bottom everything is running and walking and shaking as it should, put it on the bottom, and it goes nowhere


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