Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Review

There are so many pool cleaners out there in the market, but when you are in need of automatic pool cleaners, that navigate the surface leaving no area left, you should come to know a couple of hacks. Do you need a silent operation and want your cleaner to go across every nook and corner? Well, this is the benefit of the best suction pool cleaner.

Now you are going to experience with the Hayward 925ADB Navigator Pro. So the most alluring feature is you will use this pool cleaner and don’t worry about the weird noise, extra booster pump, and hose tangles. Apart from it, there are so many things you need to know and for that stay with Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Review

Here are the key features and read between the lines of each of them then we elaborate them later.

  • No installation or investment requires for booster pump as powered by the existing filtration system
  • It offers silent operation for the unique turbine-drive system
  • SmartDriving guides the cleaner accurately that eliminates hose tangling
  • It comes with the enhanced Vaccum wings with skirt design that collect the debris using constant suction power
  • Easy to connect the suction port, no tools required and take just ten minutes

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FAQ About the Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro

Q. Does it come with the individual booster pump?

Hayward Navigator Pro especially design that does not require a booster pump. It connects the pool’s filtration system

Q. Does the pool debris go into a bag?

It doesn’t come with the bag rather anything that picks up the go straight to the filter where most of all leaf canisters go between the suction of your pool the and zodiac.

What users are saying about Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro

Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)
Maximum pool size-925ADC-up to 20' x 40'|Maximum pool size-925ADV-up to 20' x 40'

When you take into consideration online users’ review, it seems tricky. Because many of them are nothing but just the marketing process. But we find out the real haters and lovers of this product applying our social media penetration. We actually found mix reactions from them and become more practical and stick to one thing whether it conveys the real feature or not. Afterward, we found the biggest selling point for that people are craving for. It is more than quite before one thinks and easy to operate and install. Hence, it is a great choice for them who are the first-timer pool cleaner. Again the cleaning process and results are also satisfactory.

Compare Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro vs Zodiac MX6

Zodiac MX6 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
Zodiac MX6 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
WHAT'S INCLUDED: MX6 Suction Cleaner, Flow Regulator Valve, & 32' of Twist Lock Hose

Zodiac MX6 comes with the 4 wheels but the Hayward is a different story. Both of them could be inground pool cleaner but there are so many differences between them. But from our observation, we see the SmartDriving technology of Hayward Navigator Pro where the Zodiac lacks in even though it can climb the walls. Besides, it doesn’t come with the unique turbine that will eliminate the noise whereas, the Hayward cleaner does have this under the hood. If you only stuck into the suction power of it then you will observe it to have the cyclonic suction that makes it be the best pool vacuum cleaner. Hayward Navigator Pro has somewhat the same power not the same as it has.

Key Features of the Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro

Quiet operation

More or less many cleaners are claimed to be less noisy, however, they don’t have any ad-on. Like Hayward has the unique turbine design that is operating noise-free operation during suction. It is already hooked onto the suction of your existing pool’s and thus it automatically runs. So, you can sit and relax beside the pool and see the cleaning.

SmartDrive Operation

It comes with the sophisticated technology that is SmartDrive steering for that it can automatically shift from left to right and right to left. Especially works while conducting the cleaning stuff with pollen and dirt from the surface of the pool. This smart driving program is outperforming not only collecting the debris but also eliminates over visiting the areas where the cleaning work has already done.

Easy to install

You can snap the hose easily to the suction system, and it will eliminate your time and effort. No moving parts ever found that will become an obstacle in between setting up the process. Here, all you need to do is to slide it outright from the box and clean the surface after 10 minutes.

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How worthy compared to features and performance?

When you bring the pool cleaner the first thing you come to experience is the installation. Hayward Navigator Pro wins the first game here and the first impression comes great here. By the way, the setup is that easy where you don’t even need any tools. The circulation system leaves the footprint of the best suction pool cleaner with the help of smart driving technology. It gears up the system to navigate the cleaner silently, quickly and perfectly so that it picks up even the smallest debris and pollen. However, the shape of it is not friendly to climb up walls. But this con comes to eliminate when you are in search of inground cleaning work.

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Final Verdict

You start this Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro Review keeping in mind, whether Haward Navigator Pro is worthy to buy or not. Hence, you should focus on your preference and then whether it comes to match with it or not. In short, it is an automatic pool cleaner by a dint of a unique turbine-drive system. The feature eliminates the essence of a booster pump and allows less noise into the system. Secondly, the SmartDriving program it to run intelligently and cover the maximum pool’s surface. Now, it is your turn to make a move based on these important features. If you are in search of something else, then you just need to read another review.

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